Trying Something New

I attended an Author’s Marketing Conference back in the summer and one of the workshops I participated in really piqued my interest.

Story Rocket

Story Rocket is a website created specifically to provide a place for TV and movie producers, agents, scouts, and directors to go looking for new material.

I don’t know about you, but I can visualize my stories on the big screen, whether it be a movie or TV show. So, I jumped at the chance to get on this bandwagon. The cost to join is $120 per year, but because I attended the conference, I got a substantial discount and paid only $75. To me, that was a huge saving.

Anyway, I have three of my books up so far on Story Rocket.

I would love it if you would take a look at one or all of them and give me some feedback. Have I chosen a powerful logline? Does the synopsis read well and tell enough of the story? What about the actors and actresses I chose to portray Luke Stone and Darlina Flowers?

This is all new to me, but I am excited that I am getting a good amount of views in the short time the projects have been up.

Here are the links to the projects I have up.

Please take a look when you have a minute and see what you think.

If you have a book or series of books you think would make a great movie or TV series, join me on Story Rocket and let’s see what happens. 🙂 And, if you do put any up, please let me know so I can go take a look.

Wish me luck!

48 thoughts on “Trying Something New

  1. Wow, how cool! I’d never heard of Story Rocket before, but you know I’ve been saying your story with Rick needs to be made into a movie. I followed the links and think your log-lines are great. I’m going to have to take a deeper look at the site too. This is awesome, Jan. Fingers crossed and wishing you all the best!

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    1. Thank you, Mae. I appreciate that you took the time to look at the projects. I still need to upload ‘Til Death Do Us Part, then they’ll all be there. It’s a longshot as to whether or not anyone will see them, but all I can do is put them out there. The rest is up to the Universe. 🙂

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  2. Go get ’em, my friend.💗 And as for Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone together in these roles … Chemistry anyone? I’ll be joining the site when I have the funds. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

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  3. No, Debbie. That is the amount per year for a membership and unlimited uploading of books. I agree that it is a little steep and if I hadn’t had access to the deep discount, I probably would have passed on it. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment.


  4. Jan, I’m so proud of you forging ahead into unknown territory and putting your books out there. Oh man, I’d be so happy for you if someone would pick these up. They would make excellent movies. Good Luck, sister!!

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    1. Thank you, sister. As I have said before, it’s a longshot, but everything in this crazy business seems to be just that. I appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment. Love you!


    1. I popped over to see what it was like. I was afraid it would be pages and pages and I wouldn’t have time now, but the synopses were easily manageable. You’ve got a lot of talent, Jan. I really hope this works out for you.

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  5. Good morning Jan. I read all your submissions and the trailers. They are well done. I am so in awe of your writing. I like your choices of actors/actresses to portray you. Sending prayers that a really good producer/director will grab on to your stories and run with them in the most complimentary of ways. Good luck to you ladybug! LOL

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  6. This is really cool and you know, I have always thought your works belong on the big screen. I believe all the stories about you and Rick would make a great mini series and the most recent short story you shared here, would be a wonderful made for t.v. movie. GO GIRL

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  7. Jan- WOW!! What an amazing opportunity. You know how much I loved and adored this series. Truly a wonderful story which captured a true love story. I loved the synopsis and the actors you chose.
    I wish you the best of luck because this is a love story that needs to be fined and shared with the world. Love you and again best of luck, you deserved to be on the silver screen.

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  8. Terrific, Jan! Your books (and life) would be wonderful on the big screen. I peeked at your submissions and they are very well done. I’m so excited for you and wish you all the best! And, Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone are PERFECT! 🙂

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    1. Thanks for taking a look, Gwen. I am glad you agree with my actor choices. The idea is just to give a producer a visual of what you see the characters as. It’s a longshot, but one I wanted to take. Have a great day! Hugs!


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