Dr. Bob Rich put this post together with such insight and thought that I had to share. Take a minute to think about what he is saying. Let’s try to keep a perspective of what Christmas truly is or is not. Many thanks to Dr. Bob for this!

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I am more tolerant toward Christmas than I used to be. Until quite recently, I wanted to get off the planet at the early warning signs of holiday frenzy. Now, I smilingly tune out, and use Buddhist equanimity to get through it.

Here is a paragraph from Ascending Spiral, which is my fictionalised autobiography:

    Aunt Irén also got me to hate Christmas. Mother requested that Father should celebrate Hanukkah when I was with him, so Aunt Irén lit candles on the Christmas tree, then said, “Now we’ll light the Jewish Christmas candles too.” I knew what saccharin was: her smile. She showed me without words that she despised the wonderful story of Hanukkah, the story of courage against overwhelming odds. She knew the story all right, but made it an inferior custom of an inferior people.

So, that’s where my automatic emotional reaction comes…

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12 thoughts on “Christmas

    1. I understand. What I miss most about Christmas is all the smells of baking and making candy and laughter, playing games and general chaos. I still get it but not in my own house. But, that’s okay. It’s someone else’s turn now. 🙂 Love you, sister!


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