An attempt at #Tanka – Colleen Chesebro Poetry Challenge 120 Cold & Storm

I had so much fun last week trying my hand at a form of Japanese poetry, Haiku, that I decided I’d continue on this week with Colleen Chesebro’s poetry challenge.

This week, the words are Cold & Storm. You can only use synonyms in creating the poetry.

The rules were simple:
Follow the 5/7/5/7/7 syllable structure. Your Tanka will consist of five lines written in the first person point of view. This is important because the poem should be written from the perspective of the poet.

My words for this Tanka poem are FRIGID & BLIZZARD

A frigid north wind

My breath fogs the frosted glass

When will he return?

He promised he’d be home soon

Love ending – the blizzard wins

I don’t know if I am supposed to attach a visual, but this one grabbed me. 🙂

For more on Colleen’s weekly poetry challenges, guidelines and poetry specifics, visit

34 thoughts on “An attempt at #Tanka – Colleen Chesebro Poetry Challenge 120 Cold & Storm

  1. Oh my goodness, Denise! Phooey on WordPress! They need to leave your subscriptions alone. I’m glad you enjoyed the Tanka. This is all completely new and different to me and I am enjoying the challenge. Thanks for stopping by! Hugs!

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  2. Loved it Jan! I felt the longing and the chill. It is fun to do I agree. I have to put more into the structured part of poetry, my rebel side fights it sometimes…lol. Sorry for late response WordPress unfollowed your site again for me…sigh.

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  3. Jan, I feel myself reaching for a blanket and slippers whilst reading your poem…the freeze is captured perfectly and so sad in the end! As for the final photo, that is incredible and I can’t believe this is actually real! Look frightening.

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    1. Thank you SO much, Annika! I am enjoying experimenting with different forms of expression. I’m happy the feeling was captured. Did you read John Howell’s imagined ending to the poem? 🙂 It is left up to the imagination.

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    1. Thank you SO much, Annette! I am experimenting and loving the process of trying something new. Yes, I growled a little at the photo too, although, in Texas, we rarely see anything even close to that. 🙂

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  4. Love it!! You’ve really captured the chill and the longing. Well done!
    I’ve never tried to write Tanka and now I just might…if I can summon the courage. 🙂

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