Discovery – Poetry and Art

It’s been a while since I did any self-promotion. I do love supporting other authors and music artists. It makes me happy when I can help spread the word about the work of another.

But, today, I want to talk about a book that I am probably the proudest of, out of all of my babies, and that is the poetry and art book, DISCOVERY.

You may have noticed the author names include Rick Sikes. In truth, the only reason I included my name as an author, was so I could legally publish the book since Rick is deceased. And, I do write poetry, so I included some of my work in the back.

Several things about this book set it apart from other poetry and art books. Firstly, Rick wrote this book in its entirety while he was incarcerated in Leavenworth Prison. Secondly, he created all the artwork that is included in the book including the cover.

He’d always had artistic talent, but until he was locked behind bars, he didn’t discover it fully. The artwork represented here is what we referred to as ‘pen-and-ink’ drawings, but the correct name is Pointillism. The drawings are made up of millions of tiny dots. I loved to watch over his shoulder, after he came home, while he created a new piece. But, all the drawings in Discovery except for one of Willie Nelson were created while he was in prison.

The original title Rick gave the poetry book was “Etchings In Stone.” But, since we released a music CD with that title, I needed to find something different.

You can see all of Rick’s music on my webpage

The first poem in the book is entitled, “Discovery,” and it tells of a turning point in Rick’s life when he decided to be, think and do only positive things in a negative situation. It was a resolve that served him well the rest of his life.

You’ll find everything from raw bleeding hurt and emotion, to off-the-cuff silly poetry, to strong political statements included in this book. It is a true baring of the soul.

The Forward to this book was graciously provided by Connie Nelson, ex-wife of Willie Nelson.

Myself with Connie Nelson

This beautiful book is available in Hardback, Paperback and eBook formats.


31 thoughts on “Discovery – Poetry and Art

  1. What a beautiful, heartfelt, and stunning post, Jan. Rick’s drawings are gorgeous, and I love your statement about the poem Discovery, “it tells of a turning point in Rick’s life when he decided to be, think and do only positive things in a negative situation.” How lovely and full of grace. Thanks so much for sharing the book and a bit of the journey. ❤

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  2. I remember reading about the turning point Rick (“Luke”) reached when reading your wonderful books.
    Rick was clearly talented in so many venues….music, words, art. No wonder you are so proud of this book. What a great collection for you to cherish and treasure, plus share with the world!

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    1. Thank you, Mae. Yes, he was multi-talented, but he never really knew what a gift he had until he was isolated behind bars. It’s crazy how sometimes life has to literally shut us down so we can do what we came to do. I appreciate your sweet comment! Have a great day! Hugs!

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  3. Hi Jan! You do well to give a shout out to this book – wow! The art is breathtaking, I have read about and seen work in Pointillism and it always looks extraordinary. Rick’s art here is no exception, it is wrought with emotion and I am in awe of the patience and dedication to produce these paintings. It’s moving to learn how he came to this art form and it helped him find his way in the future … ‘Discovery’ seems the perfect title for the book. I’m making a note of it for the future! Hugs my friend, you have a big heart xx

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    1. What a wonderful comment, Annika! You are right about the time and patience it took to create these pieces of art. But, as he often said, he had lots of time on his hand and it was a good productive way to spend it. I’m thrilled that you’re making a note of the book for the future. Thanks so much and mega hugs back!

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  4. Good morning Jan- Rick was so talented. I’m so glad you were able to publish this book. I’m still in awe of your wonderful life together and everything you both went through to finally get your happy ever after. Thank you for sharing your precious memories with us all.
    Love you, Tonya

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    1. Good morning, Tonya! Thanks so much for your sweet words Our happy ever after had to end way too soon, but we will be together again and that is my comfort. I hope you stay warm today!!! Hugs!


  5. I loved this book Jan. It’s one that I preferred in the paperback over eBook. I loved the blending of art and poetry. It proudly sits on my bookshelf.

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