Views of the Neighborhood – Book Fair in Killeen Texas

I can’t express what a tremendous joy it was meeting John Howell and Gwen Plano in person yesterday at the Take 190 Book Fest in Killeen. The three of us collaborated together on the Aspire To Inspire RAVE WAVES radio show for a time and the friendship we developed was wonderful. But, to meet in person… It was like a family reunion! #RRBC #RWISA ! Authors are family!

Sorry. I just realized the Link didn’t transfer. 🙂 Here you go!

17 thoughts on “Views of the Neighborhood – Book Fair in Killeen Texas

  1. Jan- What an amazing time you messed up had I wish I could’ve been there to share in all the fun. You have a blessed week and a wonderful Sunday afternoon, love you sweet lady.

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      1. Jan- I’m sorry I meant what a great time you must of had. I can’t believe I didn’t check my message before I sent it. Darn autocorrect.
        Hope you & everyone are enjoying yourselves. What fun

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