Congratulations to Ronald E. Yates!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to Ronald E. YATESfor The LOST YEARS of BILLY BATTLES(Book 3 of the Finding Billy Battles Trilogy) taking home the CHANTICLEER OVERALL Grand Prize for BEST BOOK in the 2018 CIBAS

“…the reader experiences that all too rare sense of complete transport to another world, one fully realized in these pages because the storytelling is so skillful and thoroughly captivating.” 

The photo below is of Ronald E. Yates with his GOETHE Grand Prize Ribbon and his Chanticleer Overall Best Book Ribbon

So, here’s a big congratulations to you Ron!! Way to go!

Folks, today is the perfect day to pick up the Billy Battles Trilogy, it is available as either a single book, or you can purchase all three together as a set!

“Finding Billy Battles,” “The Improbable Journeys of Billy Battles,” and “The Lost Years of Billy Battles.”

26 thoughts on “Congratulations to Ronald E. Yates!!!

  1. This is a wonderful honor and well deserved. Congratulations, Ron. Jan, thank you for blogging about his great accomplishment.

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      1. I love the photos you chose to include in this post. Ron had different photos in his first post on his website. Now they made a nice gallery of photos for this honorable event!

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  2. Congratulations, Ron! This is an extraordinary achievement and the recognition is much deserved. I am so happy for you!! Thank you, Jan, for featuring Ron today. ♥

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