Something New

In Texas, and all across America, we have this thing called “Taco Tuesday.”

Being the curious soul that I am, I wondered how that tradition got started. What I found is that a restaurant in California, Taco John’s, started and registered a trademark for this tradition in 1989. And it has been carried forward since that time to become a national celebration every Tuesday!

But, I digress.

I am going to start a new weekly post here on my blog site called, “TAROT TUESDAY.”

I’m sure many of you have worked with Tarot cards in the past and some of you have written books based on Tarot cards, so you are no stranger to this method of divination.

Tarot Cards likely originated in Northern Italy in the late 14th century. The oldest surviving set, known as the Visconti-Sforza deck, was created for the Duke of Milan’s family around 1440.

So, they’ve been around a LONG time!

I’ve been working with Tarot Cards for over twenty years. I use the standard Rider-Waite deck, which has been around since 1909.

The way I like to work with the cards on a daily basis, is to light incense and a candle, meditate, ask the Angels for guidance, then pull one card from the deck. I then look at it as my message for the day or my focus for the day.

Every Tuesday, I will be pulling a card to share with you here. The translation I like best is Biddy Tarot. And that is where I will go for the meaning of the card drawn.

This is all done in fun, light and love and only meant to give you food for thought or an uplifting message for the day. So, take it in the spirit it is given.

My first post will be on Tuesday, June 11 (which just happens to be my oldest granddaughter’s birthday!) After that, I will post weekly on TAROT TUESDAY!

Feel free to share with me any and all thoughts about the cards, your experiences, or your insights. This is meant to be an interactive post.

See you on Tuesday with the first card!

38 thoughts on “Something New

  1. Oh my goodness, Mary! That is a very strange response from your grandmother. You obviously had an incredible future ahead! Thanks for stopping by. I do hope you enjoy the Tarot Tuesday series!

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  2. This sounds exciting, Jan! I know nothing about tarot reading. My grandmother read regular cards. When I asked her when I was a child to read for me, she said she couldn’t because I didn’t have a future. I thought that was weird because I was young and should have had a longer future than the grown ups. 🙂

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      1. I’m going to spend some time with WordPress tomorrow. It’s unacceptable to charge me for a premium service and then break my blog in such a way that it dies. If was a paranoid man, I’d wonder if it had something to do with my politics.

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  3. Thanks for your comment, Staci. I too was raised to avoid anything that might remotely be related to “other wordly” things. I was raised in a Pentecostal home, so you can well imagine. But in my early teens, I was drawn to these kinds of things and had my first reading when I was in my mid-twenties. I’ll never forget the accuracy of it. I look at the cards as a tool. They simply help give new thought patterns or things to consider in any situation. I hope you will enjoy my series! Hugs!

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  4. I just shared information about the Visconti-Sforza deck with a friend who I know is interested in tarot (got an email about them from an Italian site I subscribe to). I was raised to avoid things like ouija, tarot, palm readings, and even horoscopes (would you believe I’ve never even seen a deck in person), but I see why people gravitate toward them. I’m looking forward to these posts. I know very little about the cards and what they represent.

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  5. I like tarot Tarot Tuesday, Jan! I have a few decks my daughters and I use,mermaids, fairies, native spirit guides, and cats. I try to pick my angel message daily and my daily word on a coin. I know I will enjoy your new feature. My oldest granddaughter bday is June 12th and my wedding anniversary is June 11th. Hope your granddaughter has a great day:)

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    1. I am thrilled that you are on board for Tarot Tuesdays, Denise! I have several oracle decks, and I do use them daily for my inspiration or focus for the day, but I thought it would be wonderful to delve into the Tarot and see what messages the Angels bring! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment! Happy early Wedding Anniversary wish!

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  6. Very cool idea. A friend used to post a weekly tea leaf reading that I really enjoyed. My book, The Yak Guy Project, is structured around the story told in the Major Arcana. I had to merge and massage a bit, but basically the Fool goes on a journey and meets people and situations along the way. Spent many research hours at Biddy Tarot.

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    1. I have The Yak Guy on my Kindle. Wonder why I haven’t found time to read it yet. 🙂 You just reminded me that it’s there and I think I would enjoy the story. I’m happy you are jumping on board the Tuesday Tarot train, Craig!

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  7. Pretty darn cool! My first Tarot deck, which was given to me as a gift, was the Mother Peace deck. Extremely feminine and the men I read for hated it. So I had to get one to read for them that was decidedly more masculine. Looking forward to your series… 72 cards, 72 posts, 72 messages! Count me in

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