Welcome to the “THE CHOICE, the unexpected heroes” Blog Tour! @gmplano @4WillsPub #RRBC

Writers create stories within a context. They establish time and place, but this is not done in the abstract. A writer’s personal world provides the unspoken but overarching backdrop to the narrative. I became quite aware of this fact when writing THE CHOICE.

I was dealing with a degenerative neurological problem which ultimately required surgery. During my writing days, every decision was a struggle; I had choices but often they scared me.

In this sequel, the characters from THE CONTRACT reappear and lead the story. They face one difficult decision after another, life and death decisions. Two protagonists emerge and come to the realization that some things are worth more than the physical life and this awareness gives them the peace they need to proceed.

THE CHOICE bears no similarity to my life, but it spoke to the drama I was living. In an unexpected way, the characters helped me with my ordeal, though I was unaware of this fact until I finished the book and looked back through the chapters. I wonder, have you had a similar experience?


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Growing up in Southern California, Gwen Plano loved learning. She earned four degrees and taught and served in universities and colleges across the country and in Japan. Now retired, she is focused on writing. Gwen’s first book, Letting Go into Perfect Love, is a memoir. Her second book, The Contract, is a thriller co-authored by John W. Howell. Gwen lives in the Midwest with her husband, and when she is not writing, she is traveling, usually to see one of her four children and many grandchildren.  

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51 thoughts on “Welcome to the “THE CHOICE, the unexpected heroes” Blog Tour! @gmplano @4WillsPub #RRBC

  1. I just started reading The Choice yesterday and am having difficulty putting it down. As you can see, I am using this holiday to get caught up on emails; I am glad I stopped by and thank you, Jan for hosting this most talented author.


  2. Hi, Gwen! Even though I write fantasy, horror, and thriller I can definitely relate to what you wrote about the characters helping you through struggles. I hope you’re doing much better now. All the best, my friend! Thanks, Jan for hosting! ❤ xo

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  3. Gwen, I sincerely hope the surgery helped. What an accomplishment to have written The Choice during such a tough time. Congrats on the release. I know the book will be excellent and I look forward to reading it. All the best, and many thanks to Jan for the great tour stop!

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  4. What a insightful post! I think our difficult and happy times find a way into our stories somehow, even if unintentional. I’m glad writing was there for you in that time, Gwen.
    Thanks for hosting, Jan:)

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  5. I’m doing the happy dance for you, Gwen! It sounds like you were definitely inspired to write this. We all face choices every day–either give up or press forward. It’s easy to just give up when a person is battling a health issue. Fighting is hard. I’m glad you didn’t give up and this book is your reward for finding that “little bit more” to keep moving forward. You’re an inspiration and I love your work.

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    1. Thank you, sister, for your wonderful comment for Gwen! You, of all people, know about pressing forward through health issues to continue writing. I love you!


  6. Gwen, I’m delighted that writing helped you during a difficult time. Blessings to you. XO
    Your tour is awesome and something to celebrate for sure. 🙂
    Thanks for hosting, Jan. Cheers to you both!

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  7. Thank you so much, Jan, for hosting me today on your beautiful site. Your encouragement, support, and wisdom have guided and inspired me. I’m ever so grateful! ♥

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