A Writing Exercise

When I attend workshops, I always have a notebook with me to jot down things I may not otherwise remember.

So, at a recent conference, I was thumbing through the notebook I had packed and ran across this.

It was part of a writing challenge in some other workshop several years ago. It was called impromptu writing with no theme given. The instructor told us to write about a place we could go in our minds and describe it. I went to the ocean. I thought I’d share. I hope you enjoy!

The warm healing rays of the sun caress and dance across my skin. As far as the eye can see, waves roll and crash, one behind the other, only to recede and begin again.

I stand at the water’s edge and my toes sink deeper into the sand with each repeat. Overhead, seagulls screech as they search for nibbles of muscles, clams and fish. Sprigs of graying green seaweed poke their heads through the bleached sand.

All the muscles in my body relax with each refreshing spray that hits my face. I lick the salt from my lips and join as one with the ebb and flow of the tide. Completely still in constant movement.

That was it. For those of you in the midst of winter, I hope this little trip to the beach brought warmth!

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

27 thoughts on “A Writing Exercise

  1. Thanks for transporting me to that wonderful beach setting, Jan. That was vivid and beautiful!

    When I need to relax, I have a beachy place I conjure in my head. It’s so serene. Much of your writing reminded me of my special place 🙂

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  2. That was marvelous, Jan. I wrapped your wonderful descriptions around me for warmth. It’s snowing here and -8 degrees at the moment. Winter and I are not a match made in heaven.

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    1. Brrrrr, Soooz! I hope my visual trip to the ocean helped melt some of the ice. I remember that Rick always struggled harder to breathe in winter than summer. Sending warm thoughts your way! Hugs!


  3. As you know, I’m here in Texas during the hot summer, but I loved this trip to the beach. Makes me long for Galveston or somewhere. BTW, I need to contact you soon. I’m interested in the Association of Texas Authors and would love to hear from you about it.

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  4. Oh my! That was an excellent descriptive paragraph. My best virtual trip to the ocean this summer! Loved it! I just finished two of your short stories and I’m fixing to start a third. I’m loving them!

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  5. Jan- Goid morning. Wow, that was powerful, I truly felt the ocean.
    I loved the ending,
    “Completely still in constant movement.”
    That’s the best description I’ve ever heard of the ocean. Spot on!
    Love and hugs from KS.

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