#TarotTuesday – Temperance

Welcome to another Tarot Tuesday!

If you are just joining me, let me explain the inspiration to begin these posts. In Texas, and all across the country, Taco Tuesday is a popular day when Tacos are usually 99 cents. So, I had the inspiration, or Angel nudge as I like to think of it, to create a Tarot Tuesday. Each Tuesday I will post a different Tarot card and give its meaning. I pray and ask for the right card that will bring a universal message.

Today’s card is from the Major Arcana – TEMPERANCE.

I have a feeling many of us are going to relate to this card!

Temperance is the card for bringing balance, patience and moderation into your life. You are being invited to stabilize your energy and allow the life force to flow through you without resistance. It’s time to recover your flow and get your life back into order and balance.

This card calls on you to remain calm, even when life feels stressful or frantic. Maintain an even temperament and manage your emotions. You have learned to keep composed in stressful situations. Little things don’t get to you, thanks to your seemingly abundant source of patience. Your respect for balance and tranquillity is what will help you achieve and experience fulfilment in your life.

Temperance asks you to take the middle path and accommodate all perspectives. Now is not the time to be highly opinionated or controversial. Be the peacekeeper and take a balanced and moderate approach, avoiding any extremes. Include others and bring together diverse groups of people to create harmony and cooperation. By working together, you will collectively leverage the right mix of talents, experiences, abilities and skills.

There is alchemy within Temperance. This Tarot card is about blending, mixing, and combining diverse elements in a way that creates something new and even more valuable than its separate parts.

The Temperance card shows that you have a clear, long-term vision of what you want to achieve. You are not rushing things along; instead, you are taking your time to ensure that you do the best job you can. You know you need a moderate, guided approach to reach your goals.

Finally, this card reflects higher learning. You are learning a great deal where you are now and are at peace with what you are doing – it is all coming together well. Your inner voice is guiding you to the right outcome, and you are patiently listening and following.

Well, this card spoke to me in so many different ways. What about you? I’d love to hear your thought.

Thank you for joining me! See you next Tuesday for another inspiring message from the Universe via the Tarot Cards!

As always, I use the Rider-Waite Radiance deck and BiddyTarot.com for interpretations.

30 thoughts on “#TarotTuesday – Temperance

    1. I am happy the card resonated with you this week, Robbie. Yes, you have been on the go for sure and patience is needed. But, don’t forget the balance aspect of the card. Thank you for stopping by!! I appreciate you!

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  1. This card spoke to me too, Jan. There are areas in my life where I definitely need balance. Temperance to me has always been about moderation in eating and drinking. Ever since my dad died I’ve been a bit out of control when it comes to food and the cancer diagnoses didn’t help either but I’ve been working on that these last few months. I’m doing much better. It’s significant hoe the angel had a foot in the water and is pouring water from one chalice to another. Drinking sufficient water every day is extremely important for all of our bodily functions. That’s one thing I’ve never gotten careless with. Thank you for another great post! ❤ xo

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    1. Wow, Vashti. I love how the card spoke to you. Yes, my dear, you have been through a tough time for sure. I agree about the Angel with her foot on the water and pouring water from one chalice to the other. Water represents emotions also and again, it’s showing balance. And, yes I agree about drinking water. Our body needs it every day!! So, stick with it, girlie!! 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  2. This is a card the world needs right now. It frustrates me that we’ve become a society of side. Temperance is so needed. I do look at both sides most of the time, but I really need that patience. This card struck a huge response from me, as did the angel. This is where I am at now. Thanks Jan for another insightful Tarot Tuesday.

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    1. I couldn’t agree more, Denise. The world could definitely use a large dose of Temperance! I try to look at both sides and I just get a headache, so I stop looking. 🙂 I’m so glad the card struck a chord with you! The Angel with one foot on a rock and one on the water is the perfect depiction of balance and we can all use a big dose of that too. Thank you so much for stopping by! Have a great day! Hugs!

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  3. I admit patience is not one of my strong points. It’s something I have to work on. On the flip side, I am almost always the peacekeeper and the one who brings balance in situations. It’s ingrained in my nature. Weird that I manage that with others, but not myself!

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    1. I totally relate to that, Mae. All my life, I’ve been in that peacekeeper role. I’ve been the go-between in so many situations. But, as you say, not so good at managing it within myself. Believe me, when I was coming into this life, I totally skipped the patience line. 🙂 Thank you SO much for stopping by and leaving a comment, Mae. We are kindred spirits. 🙂

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    1. I thought exactly the same thing, Craig. In fact, I feel the whole reason I had to be injured and shut down was so that I could take a look at my life and see just how out of balance I’d gotten. I love that on this card, she has one foot on a rock and one on the water. She is balancing between the physical and emotional or spiritual. Yes, we can all use a reminder that we need to have a balance of all things in our lives. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment!

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  4. Again Jan you nailed it with this card.
    It’s funny you talk about balance, and being a peacemaker. Lately at work that been my role between several. I don’t know why but all my life I’ve had people confide in me. Often the same 2 people who are at odds with each other. I’ve learned to listen and give non-bias advise and try to smooth things over.
    Thanks for sharing such a great blog. Enjoy your visit with Linda this week. Love you both dearly!

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    1. I love how the cards are resonating with so many. The reason you are in that role is because you are easy to approach and easy to talk to. You just have that personality. And you are wise to listen to both sides and give unbiased advice to each. Thanks so much for stopping by. Yes, I look forward to picking sister up at the airport in a few hours and wish I was going to Kansas with her. You have a wonderful day!! Love you!


    1. Oh, hi, Lynda! How lovely to see you pop up on my blog! You are living an amazing life. I love all the pictures you share from your travels. You are right about patience. When I was coming into this lifetime, I skipped that line as I have little to none. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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