Welcome to the #RRBC October-Ween Book, Blog & Trailer Block Party!

Hi and “WELCOME” to Rave Reviews Book Club’s BOOK, BLOG & TRAILER BLOCK PARTY  “Writing and Music!”







If you are new to my blog, I do hope you’ll take a minute to look around and if you like what you see, please follow me!

Since this is a month-long book, blog and trailer block party, I decided I’d give your eyes a break and let your ears do the work at this stop today.

Below you’ll find a short excerpt from “JEWEL” and one from “A SOLDIER’S CHILDREN.”

am SO super proud of these short stories as JEWEL won the Grand Prize in the recent 90-Day Alpha/Omega Beginning to End Short Story Contest sponsored by the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB!

A SOLDIER’S CHILDREN received an honorable mention!

Now, here is an excerpt from JEWEL!


And now just for fun, a tune I wrote and recorded several years ago. Enjoy!

Once again, thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to share your thoughts and comments at the bottom of this post.  Good luck on winning my giveaways!  I’ll see you at the next stop of this awesome BLOCK PARTY!

88 thoughts on “Welcome to the #RRBC October-Ween Book, Blog & Trailer Block Party!

  1. Here a little late, Jan. Your short stories are lovely and I love your writing, but good grief, girl, that music video was awesome. Thank you so much for sharing it.

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  2. This was so much fun! It’s always great to hear an author give voice to his/her characters. The stories sound great, and your song was awesome! I love the message behind it. 🙂

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  3. Hi Jan. Your blog is fantastic with all the displays. I know you are so excited about winning the short story contest and I’m happy for you. I’ll be checking out your newest books.

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  4. This is such a great stop on the tour! I was so delighted to hear of your well-deserved awards, Jan. “Hate the sin” shines another spotlight on your many talents. Congratulations again, my friend.💕

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  5. Hi, Jan. What a great post and shindig!. Kudos on your award, Jan. Well deserved! I love your song “Hate the Sin.” Listening to it reminds me of the Ken Burns doc on Country Music (which I think is absolutely bang on) and all of the Bluegrass music I’m hearing. I also loved hearing your singing voice. Damned good! The Grand Ole Opry awaits–even if you are from Texas! You’ve inspired me to try my hand at yodeling (NOT).🤢🥴 heh, heh.

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    1. Lol, Ron! Go ahead and yodel. Just make sure no one is around. 🙂 Thank you so much for stopping by. Yes, the Ken Burns documentary was outstanding!! I knew SO much of this history from Rick, but it was great the way Burns put it all together! As Rick’s health was fading, I often wished there was a way to connect our brains so I could download all of the knowledge of music history he had. But, that isn’t possible yet. Who knows about the future. I appreciate your comment, Ron! Have a great day and hope Inge is doing well.


  6. Hi Jan! I absolutely loved your stop today:) What a great way to give excerpts from your stories and I really enjoyed the song. Fantastic giveaway, too!

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  7. This may not be very presidential of me to say (but, wait, with the current WH administration, I’m sure it’s perfectly fine!) but, Jan Sikes, you’re going down in 2020! (Hopefully, so will the current WH administration!!!) Ha!

    My apologies, Jan. I didn’t mean to get so political on your post, but I just couldn’t resist. I’m trying to get a real party started somewhere (debates) and this seemed the perfect stop to begin.

    Moving along, I loved your post and CONGRATS on your RRBC 2019 win of the ALPHA / OMEGA Beginning to End Short Story Writing Contest! Just know that we’re gunning for you in 2020, though, so watch your back!

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    1. Lol, Nonnie! I’m watching. All that means is that I have to up my “game” to a new level!! 🙂 I do love challenges! I was hoping you’d take a listen to my song. I’d love to have your comments on “Hate the Sin (But Don’t Hate The Sinner)!” Thank you SO much for stopping by. You are welcome to post anything you want on my blog anytime!!

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      1. Hi, again, Jan! I’m sorry! I got so caught up in being politically amusing that I didn’t mention the awesome song. It was great! Your voice – beautiful! Jan, you are so talented.

        The male voice – whose? When was this recorded and where can we purchase?



  8. Good morning Jan and congratulations again on your huge win. What a great giveaway. Whoever wins your books will be in heaven reading them. Have a great day. It’s nice and cool here in SW KS this morning. 48 and with the wind it feels like 44! Burrr!!
    Love you Dearly!

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