Exquisite Pain

They stood, forehead to forehead and toe to toe.

“I love you, Kyle,” she whispered.

She lifted her head and met his smoldering amber eyes.

“I love you too, Julie.” He claimed her lips with tender yet insistent passion.

Shivers of ecstasy engulfed her, starting at her head and ending with her toes. This was it! This was what she’d dreamed of but never imagined could happen. After all, she’d never considered herself the stereotypical desirable girl that men lusted after. And especially for a man like Kyle, with his wavy brown hair, chiseled body and sexy smile.

She pressed her warm body against his growing need.

“I could stay like this forever,” she said.

Kyle chuckled. “I don’t think I could. I’d die from need and want.” He ran his hands down her back and cupped her buttocks, pulling her even closer.

He claimed her mouth again and she parted her lips, inviting his tongue inside. She wrapped her arms around his neck and entwined her fingers in his hair, letting the silky texture tease and tantalize.

“Okay! That’s a take. Great scene, Chris and Linda!”

Linda stepped back and cleared her throat. She avoided Chris’s gaze.

And then it hit. First in waves, then a crescendo of pure agonizing, exquisite pain. The kind of pain that only love can bring.

She reminded herself, it’s only pretend.

“Dammit,” she muttered.

This came in a dream. I experienced the exquisite pain that only love can bring. In the dream, it ended with a different scene, but with the same conclusion. I don’t have any idea who these characters are. I’ve never seen either of them and yet I was inside their heads. It makes me wonder sometimes if we travel to other dimensions when we sleep and dream…

All images courtesy of Pixabay.

PLEASE NOTE: I am away for the weekend with my family and may not able to respond to your comments until Monday.

21 thoughts on “Exquisite Pain

  1. This holds a lot of possibilities, Jan! I do think dream allows us to venture into other places. I once I had dream about a young boy then went on and on. With the ending it had movie credits. I believe I wrote that down somewhere but it was vivid and real. I do wonder if we tap into someone else’s real story that needs to be told?

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    1. Wow, Denise! That’s amazing. I hope you wrote it down, but it shows how powerful it was that you still remember it so vividly! Thank you for sharing! It is entirely possible that we tap into someone else’s story. I know that Mary Adler had that experience with writing her books and I just love that idea!

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  2. Wow Jan, you have the start of your next book or short story. I think it can to you because these 2 need their story told.
    It’s very well that we may go into different dimensions. I have very vivid dreams, some disturbing, some comforting, and many unexplainable.
    I hope you continue this story.
    Love you and I hope you’re having fun with your family.

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    1. Thank you, Tonya. It was somewhat frustrating to be in a place with no internet or cell service, but after the initial shock, it was kind of nice to relax and just enjoy the family! Who knows where this will go, but it was a most vivid dream. Thank you for your comment! Hugs!!


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