#NaNoWriMo – Taking the Challenge

For the first time, I have thrown my hat in the ring for National Novel Writing Month with the goal to write 50,000 words on my current WIP during the month.

This will require some schedule adjustments on my part. I normally start my day by going through emails, visiting blogs and doing social media. For the month of November, I will make my word count the top priority of the day then move on to the rest. That means I may not make it to all the blogs I love to follow every day and that’s okay. I know you bloggers will understand. That also means my own blogs will be limited in November. I will continue with my #TarotTuesday Blog and I am participating in the RWISA Rise-Up Blog Tour, but that’s it for me.

So, here’s what I will be working on. I started this story last year and it is book 2 of the White Rune Series.

This is only a working cover, as is the title. It is a Contemporary Romance with Paranormal aspects. I currently have 27,604 words. I will report my total word count at the end of November!

Here’s my SYNOPSIS:


In a desperate bid to reclaim his body, mind and spirit, after a devastating IED in Afghanistan took most of one leg, VANN NOBLE settles in a remote cabin on Wolf Creek. He quiets the noise in his head by creating art with pieces of wood he picks up along the creek bank, and sells them in a nearby town, Cedar Springs, Tx. He has in his possession, a White Rune with the Wunjo symbol given to him by a friend on her wedding day. It symbolizes a happy-ever-after. Vann is convinced that the war stole any chance he ever had of that.

His military counselors told him, ‘if you can’t find a reason to live, then find a reason not to die.’

He finds that reason when a severely injured dog that he names Champion, appears on his doorstep. 

Then, early one morning while in town, his reason for living multiplies when he spots a young woman with a backpack running as if the devil himself is chasing her. When she collapses in the street, he cannot leave her there. Two SUVs approach and his military training kicks in. He helps the woman into his jeep, tosses her backpack inside and he and Champion assume the role of protectors. Bullets fly and Vann zigzags down alleyways until he loses the pursuers.

NAKINA BIRD has a psychic gift. However, she can’t always determine if her visions are in the future, past or present. Guilt over deaths she believes she could have prevented torture her. Her only solace is painting intricate art scenes on feathers.  She’s seriously ill, having been exposed to the elements for days before Vann rescues her.

Her plight began several days prior, when her disheveled and distraught boss had thrust a package, key and bus ticket in her hand with instructions to go to Dallas. She realizes she’s being followed and in danger, so gets off the bus in Cedar Springs.

A Columbian drug cartel will kill to get the package and key from Nakina, and Vann will do whatever he must to see that they don’t. The stakes are raised when the cartel uses Nakina’s younger sister as a bargaining chip.

Neither Vann nor Nakina have any intention of falling in love. In fact, the odds are against it. But odds can’t dictate to the heart.

Together, Nakina, Vann, and Champion find what they need most; love, acceptance and healing.

I hope the story line was enough to interest you. This is a different kind of story for me as I have no military background or experience, so research has been huge. I also have no experience with a drug cartel other than watching “Queen of the South” on Netflix. 🙂

Wish me luck and I hope that within the next year, I have this book published along with “When Two Worlds Collide,” Book 1 of The White Rune Series!

Snow Quartz Runes


37 thoughts on “#NaNoWriMo – Taking the Challenge

  1. Wow! Jan, I love your synopsis, high paced and pulled me right in … I want to know what happens next … now! I hope the first two days are going well and have a fabulous NaNo – you have absolute permission to ignore everything but writing. A gift in so many ways. Enjoy and can’t wait to read the book!


  2. This sounds so intriguing. I visualized it as if watching a movie. Makes me want to know more about these two characters and how they both progress. I have confidence in you that you will continue to elaborate on their future through your pencil/keyboard as you bring them to life.
    Looking toward Thanksgiving now.

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  3. Like what you have so far and know it will be an amazing story. Good luck next month and happy writing. I decided to give it a try. No idea how I will fit it in but brain stormed an idea last night.

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  4. Jan, I really like the sound of it. And that line “If you can’t find a reason to live, then find one not to die,” gave me goosebumps! Waht a great project for NaNo.

    I will mostly be offline in November, concentrating on my NaNo entry as well, but will pop online if and when I can. Hopefully, at the end of the month we can all declare ourselves “winners!” 🙂

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  5. Jan- This sounds amazing. You go for it dear, I can hear your passion in this story. So has the 1st book been published? Is it available to read? I’m very Interested.
    I’m excited for this new adventure you’re fixing to take.
    Happy Halloween and God Bless you Dear.
    Love you

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    1. Hi, Tonya. No, the first book hasn’t been published yet. This is the series I am pitching to Agents and Editors, trying to get a publishing deal. The first book has been finished for two years. I first pitched it when Linda and I went to Atlanta for RWA. So far, all I’ve gotten is lots of rejections. 🙂 But, that’s okay. I’m moving forward. Thanks for stopping by! Happy Halloween to you tool Love you!

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