#TarotTuesday – Ten of Swords

Welcome to another Tarot Tuesday!

If you are just joining me, let me explain the inspiration to begin these posts. In Texas, and all across the country, Taco Tuesday is a popular day when Tacos are usually 99 cents. So, I had the inspiration, or Angel nudge as I like to think of it, to create a Tarot Tuesday. Each Tuesday I will post a different Tarot card and give its meaning. I pray and ask for the right card that will bring a universal message.

I created a short video to demonstrate how I pull the card for the posts. If you’re interested, here’s a LINK.

Today’s card made me grimace. The Ten of Swords is not a happy-go-lucky card.

In case you don’t remember, Swords represent the mind or intellect.

The Ten of Swords shows a man lying face down, apparently dead, with ten swords in his back. A red cape drapes over the lower half of his body as a sign of dignity as he leaves this world. While the dark sky is ominous, the sun is rising on the horizon, bringing a renewed sense of hope and opportunity. The calm sea in the background also brings solace, suggesting that even in times of darkness, there is a sense of peace and calm to be found.

The keywords for this card are: Painful endings, deep wounds, betrayal, loss, and crisis. Like I said this card made me grimace.

The Ten of Swords marks a painful yet inevitable ending. For example, a relationship may come to an abrupt end, your job may be cut, or a contract is broken. It is as if this ending has come out of the blue and rocked your world. You are grieving the pain of this shocking loss and wonder if you will ever love or find work or trust again.

The Ten of Swords could signify that you may be the victim of another person’s betrayal or deceit. You feel as if you have been stabbed in the back and are reeling from someone else’s actions.

Or, it can suggest that you are taking on the role of ‘victim’ hoping others will pity you and save you from despair. You cannot change the actions of another person, but you can change how you respond. 

The Ten of Swords is about letting go and accepting your current circumstances. You no longer resist change but allow it to happen, even if it causes initial pain and hurt to you.

The good news is that the Ten of Swords marks the final ordeal – no more pain will come to you from that source. The hour is darkest before dawn, and you must experience the full impact of what has happened before you can move forward and start over. Is it going to be easy? No. But, will this ordeal last forever? No.

Pick yourself up off the ground and reflect upon what happened to you and why, and what you can learn from the experience. When you do this, the hurt and pain will fade, and you will soon see why all of this needed to happen so that you can evolve into your fullest potential. The pain and hurt you have endured have not gone without purpose. Use the positive power within you to learn from your pain and draw wisdom from defeat.

I don’t even know what to say about this card. The last few days have been totally chaotic. My attempt at NaNoWriMo has only produced 1500 words so far. Things beyond my control have prevented me from writing like I intended to. BUT, the good news is I am NOT giving up! I look forward to you sharing your thoughts about this card.

24 thoughts on “#TarotTuesday – Ten of Swords

  1. I grimaced when I saw this card too, Jan. It’s scary looking. Thank God I don’t relate to this card. There are no betrayals or endings in my life right now. I’m sorry you’re going through a difficult time at the moment. I hope whatever is causing you problems and interfering with your writing is resolved quickly.

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  2. Can’t say I like this card, but I almost have the knife out of my back. Sometimes it takes a while to get past betrayal, but you always do. I chose a card a couple days ago and got one that told me a have a choice to focus on the positive or negative…and that is what I’ll get. So I’m taking it as all positive!
    I know for NaNo there will be great days and not so great days of writing. There are times I won’t be able to write either, but 1500 turns into 10000 pretty fast once you get going.

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    1. I love that message, Denise! Choose the negative or positive – it’s always up to us! I’m with you! I choose the positive. Life is full of ups and downs. There can’t be all good days, and there is never all bad. My mom used to say that without the rain, we wouldn’t appreciate the sunshine. Thank you for your uplifting comment!! Hugs!

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  3. Let’s just say I’m glad I was not sitting across from you and you were pulling the card for me. You are right about the good news that this represents the end of the problem. I hope your chaotic life settles down and you have a great NaNoWriMo experience.

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  4. Good morning Jan- I’m not sure myself what to say about this card. I do know I received bad news yesterday that one of my cousins passed away from a blood clot, she was 43 years old. Very sad and so young. Her mom and my mom are 1st cousins. She was an only child so my heart breaks for her mom, her husband, and her children.

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