#TarotTuesday – Two of Swords

Welcome to another Tarot Tuesday!

If you are just joining me, let me explain the inspiration to begin these posts. In Texas, and all across the country, Taco Tuesday is a popular day when Tacos are usually 99 cents. So, I had the inspiration, or Angel nudge as I like to think of it, to create a Tarot Tuesday. Each Tuesday I will post a different Tarot card and give its meaning. I pray and ask for the right card that will bring a universal message.

I created a short video to demonstrate how I pull the card for the posts. If you’re interested, here’s a LINK.

Today, we have the TWO OF SWORDS!

Keywords associated to this card are: Difficult decisions, weighing up options, an impasse, and avoidance.

The Two of Swords shows a blindfolded woman, dressed in a white robe, holding two crossed swords. The blindfold over her eyes tells us that the woman is confused about her plight and that she can see neither the problem nor the solution clearly. She may also be missing relevant information that would make her decision much clearer if she were to obtain it. The swords she holds are in perfect balance, suggesting that she is weighing her thoughts and addressing both sides of the situation to find the best resolution.

Behind the woman is a body of water dotted with rocky islands. The water represents the emotions and, while the Suit of Swords traditionally associates with the mind and intellect, its presence shows that the woman must use both her head and her heart to weigh her options. The islands represent obstacles in her path and suggest that her decision is not as clear-cut as it seems. She will have to consider the situation as a whole. The crescent moon to her right is a sign that this woman needs to trust her intuition as she makes her choice.

The Two of Swords indicates that you are facing a challenging decision, but you are unclear about which option to take. Both possibilities may seem equally good – or equally bad – and you are stumped about which will lead you to the best outcome. You must be able to weigh up the pros and cons of each choice and then make a conscious judgment.

You may lack the information you need to make the right decisions. You may be missing something, such as the threats or potential risks, alternative solutions or critical pieces of information that would help guide you in a particular direction. Once you remove the blindfold and see the situation for what it really is, you will be in a much better position to find your best path forward. Research your options more, seek outside opinions and feedback and ask yourself what you might be missing. It is also possible that the woman in the Two of Swords has intentionally chosen to put on the blindfold to avoid making a choice.

Two of Swords can reflect indecision and an impasse on an important matter. Again, you can only put it off so long; at some point, you have to make a move.

Many of life’s decisions are difficult ones and rarely come with clear-cut answers. The invitation from this card, is to make your choices with your best intentions, fully aware of the possible consequences. Avoidance will lead to greater conflict and stagnation.

Wow! I don’t know about you guys, but this card really hit home with me. I have been allowing different circumstances rob me of my time and I now have to make a decision. So, if none of you relate to this card, it was just for me. 🙂 Tell me about it!

Thank you for joining me! See you next Tuesday for another inspiring message from the Universe via the Tarot Cards!

As always, I use the Rider-Waite Radiance deck and BiddyTarot.com for interpretations.

30 thoughts on “#TarotTuesday – Two of Swords

  1. What a great reading of that card. I don’t relate to it at this point, but its a good one to keep in the back of my mind. Slow down and don’t rush into decisions without thoughtful reflection and knowledge – something I do a lot! Ha ha. Thanks, Jan.

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  2. Another timely card, Jan;) I’ve been avoiding making a decision. I keep waiting for a change that might not come. That blindfold can get heavy.

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  3. It definitely hit home over here too and to tell from the comments… we are not alone. That’s totally my problem, in general, and currently in particular. My heart knew but my mind talks me out of it and spreads doubt and fear about the consequences. Fantastic card which is of great encouragement. Also, I think it goes wonderfully along with last week’s King of Cups!

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  4. Interesting background on this card. For me, at the moment, I am in a good place with no decisions to make or obstacles in my path. But life is fluid and we all know how quickly it can change.
    Whatever decision you’re juggling at the moment, Jan, I wish you clarity of head and heart!

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    1. That is wonderful, Mae! You are so right, though. Life is fluid and filled with ups, downs, ins, and outs. Thank you for the good wish. I will choose what is best for the higher good of all! Hugs, Mae!

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  5. Good morning. I hope you receive this comment. I am having computer issues, and data issues, so it gives technical difficulties a whole new meaning. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that this card really resonated with me. It really spoke to me. I think the woman on the card is me. LOL. In fact, when I read the last part, I was speechless. Then, I ask myself… Am I truly in my own way? Do I truly hold the key to the answers I need and am I just afraid to use it? Really gave me food for thought. Thanks for this.

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    1. Hello, Patty. Those are all such deep questions and your gut is telling you the truth. I related to this card in a really big way and I think the old saying, “We are often our own worst enemies” holds true here. Yes! You do truly hold the key to the answers you need. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of quieting our minds enough to hear what Spirit is trying to tell us. Thank you SO much for stopping by and for your awesome comment. I support you in making the decisions that work for your higher good! Have a great day! Hugs!


      1. Hi, later today, after I read that post, I was sitting in the office of my life coach, and I got down to the nitty-gritty of some things.
        I think I have come to some decisions and they were hard ones to come to.
        But I feel I am on a more even path now. I am hopeful that things will start to smooth out soon. I could use a little smooth road.
        I know it is coming. I must believe it.
        Thanks so much.
        Have a good day.


  6. Good morning Jan- wow this one hits close to home. Rob and I have many decisions to make with his health. But I know with God’s help we will go in the right direction.
    Also it hits close to my job right now. Last week a new employee stated and I have to train her, so I’ll be trying to. Make many decisions. She’s a good young lady and willing to learn, I just hope I can make the correct decisions in training her. Have a great week. ❤️❤️❤️

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    1. I keep Rob in my prayers, Tonya, as I also do you. I know that by listening to that still small voice inside, you will both make the right decisions. And the same is true with training the new girl. Follow your instincts because they are never wrong! Thank you so much for stopping by. I love you and lift you up!!!


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