Do Angels really help us?

First, let me give a disclaimer. This is NOT a religious-based post. It is purely personal thoughts, speculation and experience!

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The idea of Angels that watch over us, nudge us, protect us and encourage us is comforting. But is it real or imagined?

I took an Angel Connection boot camp a couple of years ago, and some of the things I learned really stayed with me.

  1. Angels can never interfere with our free will.
  2. It is important to ask for their ideas, support and encouragement when we need it.
  3. Connecting to your Angels is a part of your birthright.
  4. Our Angels can’t tell us what to do but they can inspire us toward a direction. 
  5. High vibrations such as feeling joy and peace, make it easier to connect to the Angelic realm. 
  6. Angels have special designations such as Archangel Michael is known as the protector while Archangel Raphael is the healing angel, etc.
  7. Angels are emissaries of the Divine Mind. 
  8. Angels have been trusted with the mysteries of our Universe from the God Head. 
  9. There are Angelic Alphabets. If you want to specifically petition an Angel for help, you can try using one of these alphabets to write out your petition or prayer. And yes, there are certain Angels associated with the different alphabets, but that would take an entire post to cover.
Enochian Alphabet

Specific Angels are aligned with our Astrological Sun Signs.

  • Libra~Haniel
  • Scorpio~Samael
  • Sagittarius~Sachiel
  • Capricorn~Cassiel
  • Aquarius~Uriel
  • Pisces~Sachiel
  • Aries~Samael
  • Taurus~Haniel
  • Gemini~Raphael
  • Cancer~Gabriel
  • Leo~ Michael
  • Virgo~ Raphael

Interesting, huh?

Author, D.L. Finn, wrote about Angels and how they protected and nudged their human charges in her books, “This Second Chance,” and “The Button.” Of course, these are fiction stories, but I love the idea of Angels watching over us and helping us to make certain decisions that can alter the course of our lives.

Do you ever see a random feather in a place that it wouldn’t normally be? Do you ever see signs around you that make you decide to go a different route or make an entirely different choice? I do, and I see these clearly as Angel nudges or confirmations. I also have a set of Angel Oracle cards that are my go-to when I’m looking for specific answers. If you look on Amazon, there are dozens of Angel Oracle card decks.

But the best way to communicate directly with your Angels is to sit in a quiet space and concentrate on your breath. I also like to light a tea candle and some incense to help raise the vibration around me and invite the Angelic beings into that space. Then I pay attention to ideas or inspirations that come to mind. I’ve never heard a physical voice. It’s always in thoughts or sometimes in outward signs like a message on the side of a truck or on a billboard, as an example. When I pull my Tarot Tuesday cards, I rely solely on the Angels to help me draw the card carrying the message that we all need to hear.

It is my personal belief that we come into this life with a team of Angels and Guides to help us navigate the maze. But, they are not allowed to interfere with our free will. They can only try to gently nudge us in a direction that serves our higher good.

Do you think Angels are with us throughout our lives? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences!

54 thoughts on “Do Angels really help us?

  1. I certainly believe there are angels around us. I haven’t experienced anything like this, but a friend was caught in a flash flood when her automobile stalled. Two men came to help and pushed the car to safety. When she turned around to help them, they had vanished. She believed they were angels.

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  2. Although I have not got away unscathed from trouble over the years, I reckon without my guardian angel or spirit guide I would have come a cropper a great many more times! Sometimes I think it is my gut instinct, but it is almost like a physical tap on the shoulder that I have come to interpret as ‘be aware’. Interestingly, I had my fortune told by an old gypsy about 25 years ago.. I was not really taking it too seriously, but she suddenly sat bolt upright in her chair and gripped my hand tightly and I thought she was having some sort of event… when she calmed down she said that she had seen my spirit guide, a very tall and fierce looking African warrior with a shield and spear standing behind me. I doubt an oscar winning actress could have pulled off that good a performance, and I must admit to being quite reassured about who has my back. ♥♥

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    1. That is a beautiful testimony, Sally! I too, have had the amazing honor of getting to know one of my Spirit guides and he is of American Indian descent. Life is such an amazing adventure! Thank you for sharing it!!! Hugs!

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  3. Hi Jan:) I love this blog post and thank you for mentioning my books. You know I believe and some of my personal experinces and beliefs are mixed in with my fiction. After a rather grim night of thoughts I wake up to this blog and message. So, thank you for that. I’ve never heard of an angel alphabet, that’s pretty cool. I have the same angel tarot deck 🙂 I really believe the angels inspired you to write this.

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    1. As do I, Denise. And I loved how you showed the Zelina and Thomas watching over the characters in your books. It showed the love they had for their human charges. So, the books went hand-in-hand with the post. I am so happy you were able to wake up to a positive affirmation that you are never alone! Hugs!

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  4. Jan, I’ve had angels cry out my name to jar me awake and keep me safe and it was really an amazing experience. I know they’re with us. I’m as sure of that as anything. I’ve seen too much. Love you, sister.

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  5. I most certainly believe in angels, and I believe they are the spirits of special loved ones who have gone before us. In my case, I believe my maternal grandmother has been with me since she died when I was 18 (I am 75 now). Every once in a while I catch her scent. I don’t know what she used as cologne, but it was a very specific smell that instantly takes me to her when I smell it – and often I can’t even pin down where the smell is coming from. And I, too, love cardinals and feel they are a sign of an angel nearby. Rosanne Bittner

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    1. Hi, Rosanne. Thank you SO much for your sweet comment. What a blessing to have your grandmother close by and that she is able to communicate with you. No doubt, she will be there when it is time for you to cross over into Spirit world! What a comfort. I appreciate you stopping by! Welcome to my blog!


  6. Loved your blog. Yes, I do believe that my loved ones, not all being family, that have passed on are around acting as our Angel’s. I’m sure my Angel’s are often shaking their heads.

    My youngest received a little message from beyond the morning after my mother passed away. She just passed away on January 26. My grandmother used to sell Avon and had tons of it left over when she passed away, as well as tons that had decorated her house. Sometime over the years a pin that had been by Avon as graduation pins had been in my sewing kit for many, many years. I’m sure I had originally put it there thinking someone might want to use the back someday. It was the number 81 and therefore what would we ever need that number for? My daughter had recently seen and very early the morning after my mother passed away I realized Cassi was up and I was surprised. She came into the livingroom where I was and said, “this is a little creepy but something told me to go get the number pin from the sewing kit because it was important.” She said, “how old was grandma,81, right? I said yes and realizing something was in her hand it immediately hit me that it was that pin. My daughter saw my mother first that morning before I could get to her. Cassi was having a very hard time with her death and so I told Cassi that my mother was sending her a little whisper from heaven letting her know that she was okay and she is still around. I’ve often experienced things like this as well as the random out of place feather.

    I’ve often wondered and I’m trying to remember if you’ve ever said how you got started in reading cards and all your other beliefs.

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    1. Hi, Stephanie. I love this confirmation about your mother and her communicating with your daughter. What a beautiful comfort! Thank you for sharing it. It’s a long story about how I got started on the metaphysical journey, but let’s just say it started back in 1973. There is more about it in “The Convict and the Rose.” Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment! Hugs!


  7. I enjoyed your post today, Jan. I believe we have the ability to connect with angels and it is a matter of taking the time to attempt to do so. I have been exploring the idea of life after death since I lost my dad when I was ten years old. You have seen some of my core beliefs 1. The concept of eternity requires multiple trips back to further develop the soul. 2. There are those who assist these journeys of improvement. 3. The reward is increased proximity to the divine being. 4. Those you meet on Earth could be in any one of a number of phases of improvement so the biggest sin of all is prematurely interrupting their path. The angels are there to help as well but as you point out not able to alter what you choose to do. Thanks, Jan

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    1. Thank you for your in-depth comment, John! Yes, in the beta read your core beliefs came through quite well and it gives one pause for contemplation. Of course, we won’t know until we make the journey, but I agree that Angels are there to assist in whatever way they can without interfering. I appreciate you taking the time to comment!

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  8. A nice idea. I believe than any way we can visualise positivity will help us get there. I’ve never been lucky in the sense of winning raffles or prize draws, but I’ve been lucky in so many other ways. I’ll stick with the guardian angel I have, rather than looking for the lottery-winning kind.

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    1. Absolutely, Cathy! Angels are not concerned with physical things like winning the lottery. They are soul focused and are here to help guide us through our lessons.Thank you for your comment!


  9. Great post, Jan! I truly believe my grandfather’s spirit is my son’s guardian angel. I had a difficult time getting pregnant. Long story short, my grandfather came to me in a dream and handed me a baby boy. The following week, my doc told me I was pregnant. And I did, indeed, have a beautiful baby boy. 😊

    When my uncle died, my cousins began seeing a cardinal visiting them. My uncle’s favorite thing to do was go camping. All of the cousins get together twice a year to go camping with our kids to keep the tradition going. No matter which camp site we go to, a cardinal always visits us. 😊

    I also have a very strong sixth sense/intuition. I believe the empath in me opens me up to other energy that most people don’t connect to. It may be possible that my own angels use that energy to guide me. I never thought of it that way, but you opened my mind to the possibility, so thank you. 😊

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    1. What a beautiful story, Yvette. Along that same line, my maternal grandmother, Sarah, died before I was born. She had a huge goiter on her throat. The first time she came through in a reading, the lady started coughing and her throat closing up and it’s been that way every time since. She is definitely with me and I feel her. I love the Cardinals. They are such amazing messengers and have known to embody loved ones in Spirit world. I totally agree with you about your empathic abilities. Trust the Angels and your Gudes always! Thank you for such an amazing comment! Hugs!

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  10. Oh Jan I loved this blog. Yes, yes, I do believe angels are among s and have protection over us. I do find feathers in odd places and I think of loved ones gone, when I do. I listen to my inter-being and I feel it is angel driven. Love you and I needed to hear this today.

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