#TarotTuesday – Queen of Cups

Welcome to another Tarot Tuesday!

If you are just joining me, let me explain the inspiration to begin these posts. In Texas, and all across the country, Taco Tuesday is a popular day when Tacos are usually 99 cents. So, I had the inspiration, or Angel nudge as I like to think of it, to create a Tarot Tuesday. Each Tuesday I will post a different Tarot card and give its meaning. I pray and ask for the right card that will bring a universal message.

I created a short video to demonstrate how I pull the card for the posts. If you’re interested, here’s a LINK.

I have to admit that I was shocked to pull such a positive card in the midst of global chaos, but today’s card is the QUEEN OF CUPS.

The keywords for this card are: Compassionate, caring, emotionally stable, intuitive, and in flow.

The Queen of Cups is nurturing, caring, compassionate and sensitive. When you see her in a Tarot reading, it encourages you to embody her ‘nurturing mother’ energy. You support others by listening with your heart, being compassionate, and caring for them deeply.

The Queen of Cups says you are highly intuitive, creative, and in the flow of the surrounding energies. In your interactions with others, you can easily read other people to get a sense of how to communicate effectively, enabling you both to feel heard and understood. Others may come to you to confide their personal issues regarding relationships, emotions and feelings. They trust you and know that you always have the right solution. You can instantly tune in to what others are going through and can help them make sense of it. You may be a healer, counselor or intuitive coach; or maybe just a good friend. You recognize the Divine in everyone you meet.

In your creative projects and endeavors, you ‘feel’ your way into them, trusting your heart and your inner guidance to lead you in the right direction. You know when something is ‘off’, and you pay attention to this, even if it doesn’t make rational sense. You may be in tune with the cycles of the moon and nature, using these cycles to manifest your goals and live your dreams.

When the Queen of Cups appears in a Tarot reading, you are being asked to trust your intuition and pay attention to your feelings and emotions. Lead with your heart, not your head. Be open to receive the intuitive messages flowing to you, be it through your dreams, meditation or visualization. And ‘feel the feels’, even if those feelings are tricky or challenging. You are stronger than you know.

I love this card and it brings such a wonderful message to trust our intuitions. I also love that it particularly addressed creative projects and encourages us to trust our hearts to leave in the right direction. And, I think it can easily be said that we are all stronger than we know. How about you? Does this card touch your life in any way?

Thank you for joining me! See you next Tuesday for another inspiring message from the Universe via the Tarot Cards!

As always, I use the Rider-Waite Radiance deck and BiddyTarot.com for interpretations.

43 thoughts on “#TarotTuesday – Queen of Cups

  1. A lot of the characteristics you mentioned are a match with my Myers-Briggs profile. Interesting!
    An excellent message for this week and a world of craziness. We all need to be compassionate and mindful of the needs of others. Wishing you an awesome day, Jan!

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    1. Thank you, Mae! I’m happy you stopped by and that you are aligned with the Queen of Cups! She is beautiful for sure! It is definitely a world of craziness with no immediate end in sight. We are all in it together. Hugs!

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  2. I needed this! I’m so unsure of this ending in my work in progress, but I’m trusting that I’ll be lead to get it right. It’s also a great reminder in dealing with people. I try to always be kind, caring, and compassionate but sometimes fail a bit. I’ll try harder. Love you, sister!

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    1. Hi, sister! Thanks for stopping by. I trust that you will get the ending to your story exactly right! And, we can all use a reminder about being kind, caring and compassionate. I love you too!


  3. Hello, Jan! This is a timely card. We all need to be compassionate with one another, emotionally stable and intuitive with everything that’s going on. Some creativity as we hunker down at home is great too. Take care of yourself. Thanks for the reading. ❤

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    1. You make a beautiful point, Vashti! I totally agree. We need a good dose of compassion and calmness through this crazy crisis! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment! Take care of you and yours as well!!

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  4. This is a beautiful card, Jan! First thing it made me think of… Over the weekend, I was surrounded by friends, new & old. One, in particular, confided in me, telling me how comfortable she felt with me and how I gave off a vibe of being a good listener. I like to think it’s because I don’t judge and instead, show compassion and kindness to people. I feel that’s always been one of my best traits. I genuinely enjoy listening to people. As always, thank you for sharing. 🖤

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    1. I can see that attribute in you, Marlena. You are kind and caring and, as you say, non-judgemental. You are truly the Queen of Cups in human form!! Thank you for being you and for stopping today! Hugs!

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  5. Wow Jan- What a ositive card you pull out today. Maybe she knew we all needed her courage and reaffirming that We will all get through this chias and emerge on the other side stronger and better for humanity.
    I finished Satin and Cinders & it was phenomenal. I want more of this story.
    Happy St. Patty’s Day. Love you Dearly.

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    1. Awwww, thank you for the kind words, Tonya. I am so happy you enjoyed Satin & Cinders! Yes, I agree. We needed a bit of positive affirmation about now. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you, too! Love you!


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