GLOBAL MEDITATION – Saturday April 4th!

Most of you who follow my blogs have seen me mention a Global Meditation that is to take place on April 4th and 5th, 2020.

I can tell you in my own words how I perceive the power of thousands of humans coming together at the same time with the same intention of raising the vibration of a planet that is in crisis, but what I want to do instead is share this link as I cannot say it any better than this.

Here is the link:

Please join in on the Global Meditation in whatever way it comfortable for you.

I will be lighting candles and incense and meditating at 9:45 PM CST on Saturday, April 4th.

We are all energy and we are all connected by an invisible thread, and together, we can banish this virus and help heal our beautiful planet! Thank you!

26 thoughts on “GLOBAL MEDITATION – Saturday April 4th!

  1. I did it, lit my candle,  closed my eyes, and immersed myself in the meditation background sound, her voice and the content of the message.   It was so peaceful, enlightening, and calming within the visualization.  I was disappointed when it was over.  Just wanted it to continue again. Thank you for sharing this opportunity with me and others.  I think this event was the saving grace of our planet because it has the ability to generate thousands of souls binding together for a common cause without political, religious or geographic boundaries to come between us!  I truly appreciate you sending this to me and others, my dear friend! Love and Hugs!!!!

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    1. That’s amazing, Judy, because I felt the same way when it was over and went ahead and let YouTube take me into another meditation. It was very peaceful and I felt a shift. Thank you for participating! Love you!


  2. Thank you, dear Jan. I’ve had this calendared for a while and will be joining the thousands, hopefully, millions these next two days. Collective prayer or meditation or goodwill creates miracles. ♥ ♥ ♥

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