FICTION IN A FLASH CHALLENGE – @pursoot #RRBC #WritingCommunity

In response to Suzanne Burke’s “Fiction In a Flash Challenge,” I present the following based on this photo prompt.


I’ve got you, little one

Safe and secure

In this world filled with troubles

Heartaches and fear

Your tiny heart beats in rhythm with mine

My blood flows through your veins

Our lives forever intertwined

I’ll protect you until my very last breath

And warm you when icy winds

Threaten with the kiss of death

Yes, I’ve got you, little one

Today, tomorrow and all your days here

I’ve got you, little one

My love unshakable and sincere.

            Your Father

If you’d like to join in, visit Suzanne’s blog here and jump on in! The rules are simple and it is a creative challenge!

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