Writers, Have You Heard About The New OCCUPATION THESAURUS? @beccapuglisi @WriterThesaurus

Hi, everyone! I think almost every writer in the world is familiar with the ever-popular writing reference book, “The Emotion Thesaurus.” If you aren’t, take a look.

Now, these two women, Angela Ackerman and Becca Publisi have a new reference book!

Today I have something fun to share…a special chance to win some help with your writing bills. Awesome, right?

Some of you may know Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi of Writers Helping Writers. Well, today they are releasing a new book, and I’m part of their street team. I’m handing the blog over to them so they can tell you about their Writer’s Showcase event, new book, and a great freebie to check out. Read on!

Certain details can reveal a lot about a character, such as their goals, desires, and backstory wounds. But did you know there’s another detail that can tie your character’s arc to the plot, provide intense, multi-layered conflict, AND shorten the “get to know the character” curve for readers?

It’s true. Your character’s occupation is a GOLD MINE of storytelling potential.

Think about it: how much time do you spend on the job? Does it fulfill you or frustrate you? Can you separate work from home? Is it causing you challenges, creating obstacles…or bringing you joy and helping you live your truth?

Just like us, most characters will have a job, and the work they do will impact their life. The ups and downs can serve us well in the story.

Maybe you haven’t thought much about jobs in the past and how they act as a window into your character’s personality, interests, and skills. It’s okay, you aren’t alone. The good news is that The Occupation Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Jobs, Vocations, and Careers is going to do all the heavy lifting for you. (Here’s one of the job profiles we cover in this book: FIREFIGHTER.)


To celebrate the release of a new book, Writers Helping Writers has a giveaway happening July 20th & July 23rd. You can win some great prizes, including gift certificates that can be spent on writing services within our Writer’s Showcase. Stop by to enter!

Resource Alert: A List of Additional Jobs Profiles For Your Characters

Some of the amazing writers in our community have put together additional career profiles for you, based on jobs they have done in the past. What a great way to get accurate information so you can better describe the roles and responsibilities that go with a specific job, right? To access this list, GO HERE!

Happy writing to all!

23 thoughts on “Writers, Have You Heard About The New OCCUPATION THESAURUS? @beccapuglisi @WriterThesaurus

  1. I have The Emotional Thesaurus as a ebook but added the print to my shelf. I get stuck on occupations so this is a great book to add to my collection.

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  2. I have the emotional thesaurus and use it frequently – especially when my brain is tired or my characters are doing way too much teeth clenching. Lol. This one sounds interesting too. Thanks for sharing, Jan. Happy Writing!

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  3. Thank you, Jan
    My main characters’ jobs are always an important part of their back story and affect their actions. This is a marvellous resource when it comes to accurately-described work for all the rest of “the cast”.
    Most of mine to date have been in showbiz, but I’m writing my first crime thriller, so I’ll be consulting this a lot!

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  4. This looks fantastic! I read the Firefighter except and loved it. I’ve seen the Emotional Thesaurus before, but I had no idea they had so many other resources. Thanks for sharing this with us. 🙂

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  5. Jan, thank you so much for letting us hangout here today–Becca and I both really appreciate it. And AAAH, such kind words in the comments. I love all of you guys! I hope this book is a great resource for you. 🙂

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  6. I’m a fan of the Emotion Thesaurus, and have several of their other resource Thesaurus in addition. I had heard the Occupation Thesaurus was being released. Seems like another great title in the growing library!

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  7. I’m a long time fan of The Emotion Thesaurus. It’s my go to reference book. I also have a subscription to their “One Stop For Writers” site and have already taken advantage of The Occupation Thesaurus.

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