Book Reviews: Brazos Wind & Brothers Keeper by @JanSikes3 #TuesdayBookShare

I am honored by these fabulous reviews from Joan Hall! Whoohoo!!!

Joan Hall

Hey, everyone. Today I want to share reviews of two short stories written by Jan Sikes. Though they are completely different genres, both are highly enjoyable.

Brazos Wind:

War-torn drifter, Jack McClean is left with nothing but bad memories, scars, and a restless soul. When he stumbles upon a burning homestead, and an unconscious woman, beside the Clear Fork of the Brazos River, he stops to render aid. Grieving widow, Savannah Logan, sees no reason to live, and only wants to join her husband and children in their graves. But, Jack refuses to let her die. In saving her, he might somehow find redemption for himself and hope for a new tomorrow. Is it possible that both Jack and Savannah can find a new destiny in the changeable flow of the Brazos wind?

My Review:

Fifteen years after the Civil War, Jack McClean is still searching for a place to…

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