Cover Reveal – “Ghostly Interference” Book 1 of The White Rune Series @wildrosepress

I cannot tell you how super excited I am to share my brand new cover for the first book in The White Rune Series, soon-to-be-released by The Wild Rose Press!!

Cover Design by Debbie Taylor:


Jag Peters has one goal in his quiet comfortable life—to keep his karma slate wiped clean. A near-miss crash with a candy apple red Harley threatens to upend his safe world. He tracks down the rider to apologize properly. Slipping into a seedy biker bar, he discovers the rider isn’t a “he”, it’s a “she”, a dark-haired beauty.

Rena Jett is a troubled soul, who lives in a rough world. She wants no part of Jag’s apology, but even while she pushes him away, she is attracted to him. When he claims to see a ghost—her brother—can she trust him? And could her brother’s final gift, a magical rune stone with the symbol for “happily ever after” have the power to heal her wounds and allow opposites to find common ground—perhaps even love?


I don’t have a release date yet, but you can bet that as soon as I do, I’ll be shouting it from the rooftops! Celebrate with me! If you are not following my blog yet, now’s a great time to jump on board.

I will be giving away Two (2) $10 Amazon Gift Certificates this month. To be entered in the drawing, you must follow or subscribe to my blog! Winners will be announced!

56 thoughts on “Cover Reveal – “Ghostly Interference” Book 1 of The White Rune Series @wildrosepress

    1. I have no idea yet about a release date. I had originally thought it wouldn’t be until next year, but the way things are moving, it may turn out to be this year. It’s so different working with a publisher.


  1. Hi,
    First, Congrats on your landing at The Wild Rose Press. I have heard many good things about it. Second, I love your cover. It intrigues me and I look forward to reading the first book.
    Wishing you all the best and more than that, the best start ever at The Wild Rose Press.
    Shalom alieichem,
    Pat Garcia

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    1. Thank you so much, Mae! Yes, it is exciting! I have you and my sister to thank for pushing me to keep submitting this story to publishers! Once it is released, I’ll be looking for bloggers to help me spread the word!

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  2. Oh Jan, can you hear me?? I’m happy dancing up here in KS. Rob must think I’ve lost it, early this morning. I’m going to pre-order it now.
    Congrats, I love you!

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  3. Wow, Wow, Wow!!! I love that cover, Jan! And the description sounds great. I’ll be looking out for the launch, and as ever, my blog is open if you want to visit anytime.

    Best of luck with the launch and everything else 🙂 Hugs x 🙂

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