Welcome to the #RRBC “ROCKIN’ 2020 AWAY” BOOK, BLOG AND TRAILER Block Party! @jansikes3 #Giveaways

Hi, and welcome to my stop on the “Rockin 2020 Away” Book, Blog & Trailer Block Party presented by the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB!

CONGRATULATIONS TO MY WINNERS! PTL Perrin, Flossie Benton Rogers, Balroop Singh, Karen Black, Sam Polakoff  & Bette Stevens







At the end of the tour, there will also be GRAND PRIZES awarded, as well!

*1st/Grand Prize:  $50 Amazon Gift Card 

*2nd/Grand Prize:  3-day Blog Tour sponsored by 4WillsPublishing

*3rd/Grand Prize:  Book Bundle {10 books of your choice from the Kathryn C. Treat Book Giveaway Treasure Chest}

*4th/Grand Prize:  A *LIVE* interview on an upcoming segment of a RAVE WAVES “EYES ON THE BOOK” or a BOOK OF THE MONTH slot.

Today, I want to talk about my two new short stories, “Brazos Wind” and “Brother’s Keeper.”

I am so honored that “Brother’s Keeper” won #RRBC 90-Day Alpha/Omega Beginning to End Short Story Contest! And, because I have won the Grand Prize three years running, Nonnie has given the contest my name! Wow!

Story inspirations can come from anywhere and “Brother’s Keeper” came from a conversation with a family member. And while the circumstances depicted in this story are pure fiction, the seed was planted by a simple statement. I truly think that is what makes writers and artists different. My late husband used to talk about painting and how you don’t just see an object that you’re painting, you look into and beyond it. That never made any sense to me until I started writing my stories. Now, all these years later, I understand.

The main character, Quentin Marks, really came alive for me. He made an ultimate sacrifice for his younger brother.

Here’s the blurb:

Quentin Marks’ mother can only love one son, and from the day Rowdy was born, she makes Quentin, his little brother’s keeper. She demands that Quentin fix every problem for Rowdy and that he also protect him. The truth is, after a deadly snakebite, Quentin owes his very life to his little brother, a debt that will never be paid in full. Only now a man is dead, and once again, their mother calls on Quentin to make the problem go away and save Rowdy from prison. When is enough enough, and how much of his own life will Quentin Marks have to sacrifice?

AND, you guys get the premier viewing of the brand new book trailer for “Brother’s Keeper!” This was so much fun to make and my first time to experiment with video clips. Honest feedback welcome and appreciated!

The inspiration for “Brazos Wind” came from a song by the same title written by Texas singer/songer, Phil Hamilton. I had never attempted to write a western, but found that it came easily. I had no trouble putting myself back in the 1800s time period to write about Jack McClean and Savannah Logan.

Here is the blurb:

War-torn drifter, Jack McClean is left with nothing but bad memories, scars, and a restless soul. When he stumbles upon a burning homestead, and an unconscious woman, beside the Clear Fork of the Brazos River, he stops to render aid. Grieving widow, Savannah Logan, sees no reason to live, and only wants to join her husband and children in their graves. But, Jack refuses to let her die. In saving her, he might somehow find redemption for himself and hope for a new tomorrow. Is it possible that both Jack and Savannah can find a new destiny in the changeable flow of the Brazos wind?

I hope that this has piqued your interest enough to head over to Amazon and grab your copies! Click on the book titles anywhere in this blog and it will take you to Amazon! Or you can go to my Amazon Author Page.

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And, in case you don’t already know, here are all of my published books so far. 🙂

Once again, thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to share your thoughts and comments at the bottom of this post.  Good luck on winning my giveaways!  I’ll see you at the next stop of this awesome BLOCK PARTY! Follow along on the RRBC Site!

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64 thoughts on “Welcome to the #RRBC “ROCKIN’ 2020 AWAY” BOOK, BLOG AND TRAILER Block Party! @jansikes3 #Giveaways

  1. Jan, first, I do apologize for missing your tour date opening for this website. Second, Congratulations on your new position within #RWiSA. Third, I’ve read a few of your books and have enjoyed them all, I’ll be adding to my collection. Last, what a great website! Wonderful presentation and book trailers. Enjoy the rest of the tour stops.

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  2. Jan, first, I do apologize for missing your tour date for this website. Second, Congratulations on your new position within #RWiSA. Third, I’ve read a few of your books and have enjoyed them all, I’ll be adding to my collection. Last, what a great website! Wonderful presentation and book trailers. Enjoy the rest of the tour stops.


  3. Jan, really like the layout of your blog. You have a earned every award you have received, and three in a row, wow. I enjoyed both of your shorts and look forward to your new stories. Your music and the trailers you create are fantastic. Keep it up!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. You created a lovely tour stop, Jan! The book videos are great. The song on Brazos Wind really digs in, and Jack tugs at the heart as an appealing hero. On the first one, it’s too bad the mother could only love one son, but I actually knew a girl like that. I look forward to reading both of these stories. Congrats on the win! Wishing you mega sales. Enjoy the rest of the Block Party.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. It’s amazing to me, Flossie, how many people relate to a parent who can only love one child. I suppose it’s not such a rare thing, although I cannot fathom a mother who cannot love her children the same. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I hope you enjoy the stories when you read them! Have a great day!

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  5. Go Jan, such an exciting array of stories. I love how an accidental memoir writer has now morphed into a fully-fledged multi-award-winning fiction author. Brazos Wind is eagerly awaiting on my kindle!

    Liked by 2 people

  6. I find it amazing you can jump across genres with such grace. I need to hear your secret. I have planted myself in paranormal suspense and am fearful of trying something new. Satin & Cinders brought tears to my eyes. I must sample a few more of your books. I’ve found a role model!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Awwww, thank you, Susanne. I find it exciting to try writing in different genres, especially with short stories. I’m so glad you enjoyed Satin & Cinders. It was such a fun little story to write. Thank you for stopping by! Have a great day!


  7. Jan you are amassing such a collection of books. I’m impressed, and happy for you. Your publisher should be happy as well. CONGRATULATIONS!

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  8. I haven’t been an RRBC member for very long, but I soon came to know you as a club host and prolific author, award-winner too. My problem now is which of your books to read – maybe all of them.

    It’s easy to see that your vivid imagination fires your productivity – brava for all of this, Jan. Have tweeted this too! 🙂

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  9. Congratulations on having the award named after you. You so deserve it! I love your writing and Brother’s Keeper is next on my reading list. What a great block party stop this is. Love the trailers and the blurbs. ❤

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  10. Good morning Jan! Congratulations on your Award for Brothers Keeper! I loved that short story and think it needs to become a full book! I can just see all the messes Rowdy gets into brother Quentin into!! You are an amazing short story writer! I also, loved Brazos Wind, but then again I’ve loved all your stories I’ve read so far. Keep them coming! It amazes me that you and your sister are both such great authors… a very talented family! Stay safe in these uncertain times.

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  11. Reblogged this on Book Reviews by Pat Garcia and commented:
    Good Morning Everyone,
    The RRBC “ROCKIN’ 2020 AWAY” BOOK, BLOG AND TRAILER Block Party! is taking place. There are so many great authors that are a part of this Block Party. So, take the time and drop by. You’ll have lots of fun and maybe even when an Amazon Gift Certificate.
    Shalom aleichem,
    Pat Garcia

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  12. Hi Jan,
    Your book trailer on Brother’s Keeper is filled with suspense and it’s intriguing. Although I have already purchased the story and Brazos Wind, I’ll recommend them to others because you do a great job of building up a story that makes people want to keep on reading.
    I like the music on your blog. It keeps the reader’s attention. It has also made me think about adding some of my music to my blog.
    I also agree that inspiration can come from anywhere with us writers. I sit sometimes in a cafe and observe people and in my mind pops a story. I think writers paint the world. We are the cultural climate of people’s hearts. That is a big responsibility for any writer. For me, it is all about sharing the joy and the love of the multicultural world that I live in, in my mind.
    Wishing you much success on the blog tour. Congratulations once more on having the Short Story contest named after you. That is an honor and I am happy for you. It is so encouraging to know you’re leaving footprints. And that my dear is a footprint.
    Shalom aleichem,
    Pat Garcia

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    1. Thank you SO much, Pat, for your kind words! You are so right when you say inspiration can come from anywhere. Sometimes it’s just a line in a song, or even a short phrase. Or sometimes, it’s a bumper sticker on someone’s car or a billboard sign. I love it when an idea strikes! I’m happy you stopped by to leave a comment today! I appreciate you!

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