BOOK TOUR Day 6! GHOSTLY INTERFERENCE #romance #ghost #newrelease @wildrosepress @jansikes3 @mbiermanauthor

Hop on my tour bus and let’s take a ride! I will post links to blogs I am visiting here each day. I appreciate each of you who are taking time away from your busy holiday schedule to help me launch this new book!! I am thrilled, honored and appreciative.

Patty Perrin, aka PTL Perrin, is an RRBC Author who has a deep faith and shares it through her writing. Her most recent book, “Reflections of a Misfit” is a perfect example. I am discussing finding lost family today at her site, and how in “Ghostly Interference” both Rena and Jag discover lost family they never knew about.

So hop on my shiny new tour bus and meet me at Patty’s place.

Also, if you missed any of the stops so far you can still visit and join in the fun!

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I will list each stop on this tour here daily. So, grab a cup of coffee and climb on board!!

Let’s roll!