BOOK TOUR Day 16! GHOSTLY INTERFERENCE #romance #ghost #newrelease @wildrosepress @YvetteMCalleiro

The tour bus is rolling again!

Today’s host is none other than the super talented RRBC and RWISA author, Yvette Calleiro! Not only is Yvette a talented writer, but she is also an educator. Her YA Diasodz series has won numerous awards and most recently she published a short story, Breathless.

Do you think reading can lead to writing? Come on over to Yvette’s and let’s talk about it!

Also, if you missed any of the stops so far you can still visit and join in the fun!

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Day 6: Patty Perrin

Day 7: Miriam Hurdle and Balroop Singh

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Day 9: John W. Howell

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Day 16: Mae Clair and Jacquie Biggar

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