Blog Tour Has Ended – What I Learned

After making many magical miles around the globe in my virtual bus, for a total of thirty-one stops, it’s down for repairs! And so am I. 🙂

One thing I learned from this tour is that bloggers are the most generous and giving people on the face of the earth!

While there was a core group (my virtual blogger family) who showed up at every stop, there were also new potential readers discovered along the way. In the blogging world, we all tend to move in a circle and through tours like this one, my circle widened.

The most shared post was the one at Jacquie Biggar’s site. Jacquie, you have an amazing base of followers, and I am grateful that you allowed me to share my story with them! I’m still seeing new shares show up on Twitter.

The blog stop with the most comments was Mae Clair. What a fun topic we had to discuss that day!

The average number of comments per blog stop was an astounding sixty.

The most interaction came from posts that included something personal about myself such as the one I shared on John Howell’s blog site. It seems that folks want to know more about the author and personal experiences and I totally get that. You can find out about the book through a simple blurb, but the author behind the book seems to be more intriguing. I’ve never thought of myself as intriguing or even slightly interesting, but it was fun sharing little known facts about me.

The facebook shares and tweets were amazing. For me, Twitter is a better platform for this kind of promotion as the retweets can keep it going. Each time I logged into Twitter, I saw my book being blasted.

My fear was that everyone would get sick of me and Ghostly Interference before the tour ended. But, with new people stopping by, I hope that didn’t happen.

Will I do it again?

I don’t know. I feel that this was a very successful blog tour and I had fun writing all the different blog posts. If you missed any of the stops and want to go back, here’s the link.

But for now, I’m exhausted and ready to take a break from marketing and dive back into writing book 3 of The White Rune Series.

I sincerely thank ALL of you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity in sharing, commenting and uplifting me along the way! It’s been quite a ride!

This is me today.

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35 thoughts on “Blog Tour Has Ended – What I Learned

  1. A well-deserved rest for you, Jan! A well run campaign and the roadtrip of a lifetime. You are right about the blogging community being very close knit and supportive. I find it to be the most supportive and friendly media platform around. I wish you all the best with this launch and your next book!

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  2. Hi,
    You did a great job. It was a tour with many demands and you met each one of these demands bravely. Of course, you’re bushed. So sit down and have a glass of red wine or maybe a scotch on the rocks and just let your mind wander until it gears itself down to a halt.
    I personally learned a lot by accompanying your tour. I now have a good idea of the things that I would like to do on my tour. So, I am very happy that it was a long tour.
    Now write your book and drift into the world where you listen to your characters as well as explore yourself.
    Wishing you the best, my dear.
    Shalom aleichem

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    1. Hi, Pat. Thank you, not only for hosting me but for showing up at every stop on the tour. Truly I appreciate your support. I’m happy you picked some tips for your new release and I will be happy to host you whenever you are ready!

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  3. Well done, Jan! I’m so impressed by your level of commitment and realize I have so much left to learn. Oh well, mama didn’t raise no fool. 😜 Happy writing in 2021!

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  4. Jan, you fully deserve that relaxing bubble bath and glass of wine. You had such an amazing and extensive tour. I was offline for a good portion of it, but did manage to hit several blog stops. I loved that you made each one center on a different topic. The aura topic at my stop was fascinating.
    Wishing you a relaxing break and plenty of muse juice as you tackle book three!

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    1. Thank you so much for hosting me, Mae. I was blessed that “Ghostly Interference” encompassed so many different topics I could blog about, auras being one of those topics. It was a fun day at your place! I did work on my WIP a little today, then topped the day off with a salt bath and finishing a great book!

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  5. You had a great tour, Jan! I couldn’t stop at all the sites, but I think I hit about a dozen of them. The enthusiasm was great. I’m not surprised that you’re exhausted. My tour wasn’t quite as large as yours, and I remembered being completely worn out! So bask in the glory and rest. And, I totally agree with you that this community of bloggers/writers/readers is utterly amazing. So generous and supportive. It’s heartwarming. Congrats!!

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    1. I agree, Diana, that the enthusiasm at all the stops was awesome! I have enjoyed the day. I worked on my WIP for a while and then finished an amazing read! It was a good day. I am so pleased to be a part of the wonderfully generous blogging community! Thank you for stopping by!

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  6. An amazing accomplishment to put together 31 stops, Jan! I was happy to be a part of it and made it to as many as I could. Each one entertaining. You deserve your downtime now. Xo

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  7. Wow! Congratulations, Jan, that was one heck of a blog tour! Thirty-one stops is a lot and well done on keeping on top of all the visits! How true that readers react positively about learning more about an author, those snippets are gems! I’m glad you found lots of new friends and readers on your tour … It’s been lovely to see you around, saying hi now and then but must admit not all of the stops! Have a well need promotion break and enjoy your writing! Xx

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  8. YAY! So happy for you, Jan. This was an incredible tour, and I was pleased to be one of your stops. You deserve a rest, a steamy bath, and plenty of time to celebrate the success of Ghostly Interference. 💗

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