A Stellar Review for Ghostly Interference! @Wildrosepress @sdaileyauthor

Author, Sandra Dailey, has posted a 5-Star review on her blog site today. Check out what she has to say about the story! I am on cloud nine!!


Ghostly Interference is still on sale through January 22nd!!


28 thoughts on “A Stellar Review for Ghostly Interference! @Wildrosepress @sdaileyauthor

      1. There are some blogs I have issues when trying to comment. I kinda wish everyone used WordPress. Even with all of its issues, it’s the best out there. Anyway, thank you for the high-five!!


    1. So true, Diana. I’ve decided there is no such thing as rest for a writer. 🙂 I’m also around 20,000 words into my new WIP to that’s encouraging. Thanks for stopping by!


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