#TuesdayRunes – Fehu

Come with me as we take a journey through the Runes!

I couldn’t decide whether to start at the beginning and go through the set of Runes methodically or choose randomly. However, since this is an educational series, it made more sense to me, to start at the beginning.

The first Rune in the Elder Futhark set is FEHU (fey-who).


This symbol, as with each Rune, represents both tangible and intangible aspects. But when it comes to magic, we take this concept deeper in that each Runic symbol embodies a specific natural force, or type of energy.

As we saw with tarot cards, there are keywords associated with each symbol.

The keywords for Fehu are: Wealth, prosperity, abundance, reward, good health and new beginnings.

I think of it in relation to tarot cards, as an equivalent to the Aces, but specifically Pentacles.

Modern interpretations of Fehu tend to focus on money and credit, as these are the primary sources of “moveable” wealth that we deal with us today.

However, a broader meaning concerns prosperity and abundance in general, which includes non-monetary forms of well-being. Fehu can serve as a reminder to appreciate what is going well in our lives, in whatever form it takes.

It can also indeed, indicate that good fortune, in the form of wealth is coming your way. Along with that comes the admonition that you would do well to share that wealth with others. It is important to avoid greed or selfishness in order to maintain positive relationships with others.

Also, as I mentioned earlier, as the first character in the Runes of the Elder Futhark, Fehu also symbolizes beginnings.

All of the Runes that surround this symbol complete any interpretation and I am going to do some readings once we’ve completed our journey through each symbol and understanding each one.

But because Fehu is associated with the Moon and Venus, it is sometimes associated with romantic love, such as the beginning of a new relationship.

The magical uses of Fehu is to increase wealth, strengthen psychic abilities, attract and improve social relationships, sending a magical working into the invisible world to manifest (Law of Attraction).

Join us again next week as we explore the next Runic Symbol!

38 thoughts on “#TuesdayRunes – Fehu

  1. Hi,
    Having been to Northern Germany many times and also visiting the islands of Sylt, Langeroog, Juist, I can say that the old Germanic culture is still alive. What I admire most is the honesty or integrity of the people in Northern Germany. When they enclose you in their hearts, it is real. You don’t have to worry about them pretending they like you. I truly love going up there and hope to go up there again this year, if we get out of lockdown.
    Excellent Start, Jan.

    Shalom aleichem


      1. Hi Jan,
        I am quite sure there may be some. Germany is known for their castles. In Northern Germany I think you might find some runes in caves, or on castle walls or on stone paths in Sylt, which is an island, or Langeroog, which is also an island. They are close to the North Sea. Kiel is another city that is close to the water and towns that are not far from Denmark. Towns like Neu Munster and Rendsburg. The seafarer culture is still maintained. Many of the churches are old and decorated with Viking art. I had a concert some years ago in a seafaring town. It was very interesting. I will check on that before the series is over. Maybe there is an online museum here that could help you.
        Shalom aleichem

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  2. I know nothing of runes, so your approach is helpful for me. What better time than the New Year to begin a journey such as this! Thank you, Jan. Fascinating!

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  3. Jan, I remember working on a book—you know, one of those trunk novels that will probably never see the light of day, LOL–that employed Norse Folklore. I’d forgotten about that book until I saw the words Elder Futhark today in your blog. I remember using some of the Runic alphabet in the story.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, how exciting, Mae. Perhaps that is a sign you need to resurrect and revise the story so that it can see the light of day. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy our journey through the runes!

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  4. This is a great rune for the start of the year, Jan. So many beginnings and things looking up as we move forward. But I love the idea of taking stock of our current abundance. Even as we struggle, there are things to be thankful for, and that a good place to start. This is going to be a fun series. Thanks!

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    1. It is interesting how there are resemblances between the runes and the tarot cards. I agree about the new beginnings. This is going to be a fun journey through the runes! Thank you for joining in, Erika!

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  5. I like the idea of going through the runes in order. I’ve enjoyed learning about Fehu and can connect with appreciating what is going well in our lives. All too often, it’s easy for us to focus on the more negative ingredients. Thanks for sharing, Jan 🙂

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    1. The human mind is a strange thing, Harmony. For some reason, it tends to want to gravitate toward negative but we always have the choice to turn it around. I’m glad you enjoyed learning about Fehu and thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

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