#TuesdayRunes – Uruz #Runes #RunicSymbols

Welcome back for our second day of exploring the secrets of the Runes!

The second symbol shown in the Elder Futhark script is Uruz (oo-rooze).

The keywords for this rune are: Strength, health, power, energy, endurance and creative force.

The animal associated with this rune was the wild fierce European ox of centuries past. This animal was admired for its raw strength, energy and power, yet because the ox was untamable, these qualities were also cause for health caution – as were its sharp, deadly horns which are symbolized by the shape of the rune itself.

Uruz is considered to be a powerful indicator of good health and strong natural powers of resistance. It can sometimes indicate the male in any relationship.

This raw strength and power are at the heart of the meaning of Uruz. Physical strength can be indicated, but emotional and spiritual strength are just as likely to be emphasized here. If you are facing challenges, Uruz is a reminder that you have the strength to persevere, as well as defend yourself from adversaries. If you are pursuing a dream, this rune suggests that there is enough momentum behind you to bring it into manifested form.

A related message is to beware of allowing raw, untamed energy to rule your responses to your situation, or of trying to use your power to control others. Indeed, the challenge presented by Uruz is to “tame” the primal forces of nature within each of us so that our energy can be used for everyone’s benefit.

I sincerely hope you enjoyed that close-up look at Uruz.

Join us again next week when we’ll take a look at the third runic symbol in the Elder Futhark script.

44 thoughts on “#TuesdayRunes – Uruz #Runes #RunicSymbols

    1. Hi, Mary. I don’t know why I’m just now seeing your comment on this post, but I’m happy that you are enjoying our journey through the runes! Yes, you would need to know about them for books from that time period. How fascinating! And it makes me want to read your books! 🙂


      1. That is such a great question, Erika. So far, I have found no direct relation between the Runic symbols and the Zodiac. But I agree, this rune would go right along with Taurus. Interesting perspective. Thank you! I’ll do a little more research on that angle.

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      2. Thank you, Jan! It just came to my mind and then I thought of the tarot cards, which have a relation to the planets and zodiacs. I think in some way, everything comes together in one or the other way again. It is so exciting!


  1. Jan, thank you so much for your fascinating post and I’m thoroughly enjoying your ‘classes’ on runes and still astonished with the depth of meaning behind them all! I defintely need some Uruz in my life! Hope you’re having a good week … they seem to speed by!

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    1. Thank you, Annika, for stopping by and leaving a comment. I am so glad you are finding our journey through the runes interesting. And YES! We all need some Uruz in our lives about now! 🙂 Have a great day!

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  2. Thanks for another interesting post on runes. I’m enjoying discovering this medium immensely. Just lately, I’m definitely in need of the inner strength, because my physical strength seems non-existent. Thanks for sharing, Jan, and have a lovely week 🙂

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