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I am so honored to host Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko here today on day 2 of the RWISA Revolution Blog Tour!

 A Light In The Tunnel!

I don’t know about the rest of you, but my new year started on November 3, 2020, when Biden was pronounced the winner of the presidential election. I went to bed that night early because I needed to be alone in prayer for God to rid America of the worst four years of this country’s political life. I did not want to see the results trickling in, especially as the first results did not favor Biden.

This has always been my practice. Even when the team I’m rooting for is playing, I never watch the game. I would rather wait for the end of the game to know the results. The live game always gives me something near to a heart attack. This was why I didn’t wait up to watch the results of the election as they came in. I wanted to wake up in the morning to the news that Biden had won!

It was with great trepidation that I woke up the next morning, November 4, 2020., to find out who won.  First, I turned my Television to CNN, and saw Van Jones in tears. I didn’t know why he was in tears, but I joined him. In my head, I had concluded that anything that would cause Mr. Jones to cry could not be good. Slowly, it started to dawn on me that his tears, my tears, were tears of victory. Biden had won! Glory to God for He had answered my prayers! I forgot my aches and pains and did a jive! What a glorious day it was!

For me, Biden’s win opened up for people of goodwill, many positive possibilities. The first thing I felt was that the gloom which hovered over everything sane, the sense of despair that dogged the last administration’s tenure, the fear about where all the damaging rhetoric was taking us, and the danger of the divide, had all dissipated. I felt the sun shining again. My hopes for the future of this great country returned. I knew that all would be well again.

When Trump threatened the results of the election by refusing to acknowledge defeat or concede, at first, I thought it was a passing whim. Somehow, deep inside me, I was strong in my belief that God had spoken. The deal was done. Nothing and no one could overturn the results of the election!

The funny thing about all this, is that while we were rejoicing here in America about Biden’s win, in Nigeria, some misguided individuals were carrying about banners of a Trump’s win. I couldn’t understand how the business of the American elections had become the business of Nigeria. Relatives from Nigeria started texting me to sympathize with me. A cousin from London texted to warn me about an impending war in America. I texted him back asking him where he would want me to run to. The cousin humorously replied, from frying pan to fire! That’s a Nigerian idiom meaning from bad to worse.

I remember that day very clearly. In fact, we were having a fun time on the RRBC chat forum when I turned on my Television and saw, in horror, Trump and his cohorts moving to the USA Capitol. Well, he promised to march with them, then he snuck away. I alerted the RRBC chat members who were still talking about everything mundane on WhatsApp. It was horrible! How could one man hold this country to ransom? Why was Trump trying to ruin my new year’s resolutions?

There is a saying that goes, our happiness is in our own hands. Then and there I decided that Trump or no Trump, this election was done. Biden won! God had spoken, and thanks be to God! The whole world, and I mean, the whole world was in jubilation!

Before Biden’s win, I prayed to God for him to win. After his win, I upgraded my prayer. This time, I prayed that the two outstanding seats in the Senate should go to the Democrats so that Biden would be able to do a good job for the country without being blocked by the Republicans. I still remember what they did to the Obama administration, so I prayed night and day for those two seats to go to the Democrats, and now that they have those seats, my prayers have changed again. I have started channeling my prayer for Biden’s safety and good health. I am sure he needs both. I’m sure you will all agree with me that he looks so frail every time we see him, and his voice sounds so tired when he speaks. May God sustain him!

This year is looking good already. I am able to write again. Last year was one of my worst writing years. I couldn’t write at all, and this had nothing to do with writer’s block. I could see my stories. Sometimes, I would jot somethings down, and then, that feeling of hopelessness … like the end was near, would overwhelm me. I would ask myself, why bother? Rather than write, I would sit and stare into space, and dream. Although I was not putting anything down on paper, I would rehash everything in my head.

With the country calmer now, my worries have started to melt away. I can now focus more and stay on course. I can’t believe that in just two days, I have written two blog posts. In short, I am back!

I am happy that Biden is on course, too. He is not allowing anything, to distract him. When the country is on course, we are all on course. I pray that God will help him to heal America and pull America back from the hole which the last administration had plunged it. America deserves better. We deserve better.


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15 thoughts on “Welcome to Day 2 of the 2021 RWISA “REVOLUTION” Blog Tour! @Jinlobify @RRBC_Org @RRBC_RWISA @Tweets4RWISA #RRBC #RWISA

  1. Good morning! I’m sorry to say that I hate when a blog chooses politics as a format that is normally and up beat and positive environment. Yes this was a positive blog but only for those that are Democrats. I just don’t know how I’m going to afford gas for my car the rest of the month. I’m on a little more than a quarter of a tank, it’s the 12th and I’m broke. I keep asking myself where is that check Biden said would come immediately?!?! Then I remind myself that our economy is being tanked as we speak and I think there is gas in our gas cans for the lawnmower… let’s skip politics from now on, what do you say? I love Jan’s normal blogs! #godblesstheusa #unite #stopdivision

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comment, Stephanie. I totally understand your situation and I pray that you find relief and peace! Please note that I did not write this blog. It is featured as part of a blog tour in which I am participating. My blog site will always remain upbeat and positive! Hugs!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. We are such a diverse country with many views. Every election leaves some feeling elated and others distraught. The beauty of our democracy is that we are free to express those emotions along with our hopes and dreams (and fears and worries). Hopefully, our country can begin healing our greatest divisions and find our way back to the middle. Thanks for sharing Joy’s piece, Jan. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is exactly it, Yvette! We are free to express diverse views and emotions along with our hopes and dreams. I pray that our country can heal and the division will lessen. Thank you for stopping by and supporting Joy!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Good morning Jan- I love you and love your books.
    Even though we are on opposite sides of the political isle, that doesn’t affect our friendship.
    When your joy began, mine fell. I felt protected with Trump in office and he did so much for USA and brought back Jobs that Biden already has destroyed with the stroke of a pen.
    I pray God raises Biden up and he leads AMERICA in what’s best for US & destroy America’s independence.
    I pray everyday that God wraps his arms around our country.

    So are you working in your sequel book? I can’t wait to read it. Happy Valentines Day. Love you, dearly.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Good morning, dear Tonya. You do understand that I did not write this piece. It is featured as part of a blog tour and Joy is the author. I stay separated from both parties for many reasons. I respect your opinion totally. That is the beauty of living in America. People can disagree and still love each other. But, I just wanted to clear it up that I did not write this piece, Joy did.
      Yes, the second book is in the works and I’m hard at work on the third one. I hope the second one will be published within the next three months. That’s so exciting!! I am thrilled that you enjoyed “Ghostly Interference!” It is being well-received and that makes me a happy camper! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Rob! Love you!!


      1. Jan- I didn’t not realize that Joy wrote the blog. Thank you for clearing that up.
        I’m SO excited you’re writing the next book. I loved Ghostly Interference. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY. Love you.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi Joy, Hi Jan,
    Joy, enjoy your day. You are indeed an inspiring writer, and I am glad to know you.
    Jan, thanks so much for hosting Joy.
    Wishing you both a lovely weekend and a great year.
    Shalom aleichem

    Liked by 1 person

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