Monday #Meditation #Motivation #Tarot

Happy Monday! I have much to be thankful for after the struggles of the past week. The quote above really spoke to me. I do believe it to be truth.

Here is today’s meditation to start your day filled with positive energy. Enjoy!

The Tarot Cards for this week could not be more appropriate.

The Five of Swords indicates a battle of some sort, and for many, this past week was a huge battle for survival. The Five of Cups shows a situation may not have turned out like you wanted or that you are suffering some sort of loss. For those affected by the arctic storm that passed over, loss is part of the aftermath. But the Two of Wands wraps it up with future planning, progress and personal goals. It can also represent a decision of some sort. So, even though we’ve had some hard times, the days ahead are promising. I hope that sets the tone for this week for everyone.

Thank you for joining me today and I wish you a positive and fulfilling week ahead!

38 thoughts on “Monday #Meditation #Motivation #Tarot

  1. The weather in the Northern hemisphere has been quite extraordinary this year, Jan. It is a life lesson to use to always be prepared. My cousin and his family live in Houston and have also been badly impacted by the adverse weather conditions. I am it is abating now. Thanks for the card messages.

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    1. Thank you for stopping by, Robbie. You are right in that the weather has been extraordinary. I’ve even heard some conspiracy theories that it was man-made. Who the heck knows? Anyway, thank you for stopping by! Glad your cousin and his family are recovering.

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  2. Lovely reading and meditation, Jan. Often folks talk about the quiet before a storm, but this reading reverses that saying and welcomes us into the quiet after the storm. Beautiful. 💗

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    1. Wonderful, Diana. Yes, I am always amazed at the accuracy of the cards. It serves to reinforce my belief in the power of Source energy! I hope you enjoy the short meditation. Thank you for stopping by!

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