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The idea for this story came to me from a casual conversation with a family member.

I’m sure most everyone knows my backstory, and that my late husband, Rick Sikes, was sentenced to prison for a crime he didn’t commit. So, in this conversation with a cousin, she said, “You know, I’ve often wondered if Bobby (Rick’s brother) really did the crime and Rick took the fall for him.”

While I know that isn’t a truth, it sparked a story idea and my imagination went into overdrive.

Then I had the story completely written, but wasn’t happy with the title I had chosen. I was riding in the car with my daughter, when we passed a pickup truck with a sticker plastered on the back window that read, Brother’s Keeper.
That was it! I could hardly contain my excitement. I see things like that as signs from the Universe or as nudges.
At that point, the story of Quentin Marks and his deadbeat brother, Rowdy was complete. None of the story is based on truth. It is a work of pure fiction.

My point here is to show how the creative process can work, and how it can take a tiny spark and ignite it into a flame. That spark and flame bring with them such an excitement that must be equal to skydiving or riding a bucking bronc. I don’t know because I haven’t done either of those things (nor do I intend to). But it’s an adrenaline rush and I am passionately in love with it.
If you haven’t read “Brother’s Keeper,” I hope you’ll pick up your free copy today!

Free March 10-14!

And, of course, I welcome a review after you’ve read Brother’s Keeper! Thank you and enjoy!

43 thoughts on “Short Story Freebie! #ShortStory #Fiction #WritingCommunity #Brother’sKeeper

  1. It’s amazing how this idea helped you develop it into a story Jan! In fact all stories come from our surroundings and their development depends on how far the imagination takes an author. Thanks for your generosity. Your stories are compelling.

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  2. Jan, so true that any little event in our lives cam spark a story. My story, Stardust, came from seeing an old woman ride her bike through our town every day. And you have such an interesting back story in your own life and have had such unique experiences! I just downloaded my free copy of Brothers Keeper and look forward to reading another of your terrific stories!

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    1. Thank you for your comment, Maura Beth. I absolutely loved Stardust! I’ve loved every one of your short stories. And yes, the ideas can come from anywhere. Thank you for picking up a copy of Brothers Keeper!


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