#Tuesday Runes – Nauthiz

Welcome to another segment of the study of The Elder Futhark Runes!

Today’s Runic Symbol is Nauthiz (Now-theez).

The keywords associated with this rune are: Need, necessity, scarcity, absence, restriction and have patience.

Nauthiz signifies hardship in the form of one’s needs not being met. This could indicate poverty, hunger, unemployment, lack of good health or lack of emotional support.

The rune stave represents the “need-fire” ritual fire lit from two large beams of wood that ancient Northern Europeans would light in times of extreme hardship or disaster, such as a famine or outbreak of fatal disease.

When this rune shows up in a reading, it can indicate that you may be experiencing a hardship that limits your ability to move forward or live comfortably, or a strong desire that appears impossible to fulfill. It could be that the possibilities are restricted due to your lack of resources and you are likely chafing at the constraints and/or becoming disheartened

The advice of this rune is to treat the situation as a period of learning. and an opportunity to strengthen your resilience. No one enjoys a hardship while it’s happening but when we look back on the experiences that made us who we are, generally at least a few of them were unpleasant.

Never allow bitterness, worry or despair to get the best of you, but rather use your gifts and talents to find ways to get your needs met. Remember that needs and limitations are necessary for growth, as we would never learn or accomplish anything significant if we always had everything we needed or wanted all the time.

Nauthiz may also be a warning not to get too greedy or obsessed with an unhealthy desire, which can lead to destructive behaviors and negative consequences. If you have been focusing too heavily on the material world, this is a sign to go within and tend to your spiritual development.

This rune can serve as a protection symbol. It can also help you maintain equanimity in difficult circumstances or activate magical workings focused on attraction or increase.

Again, this rune can be viewed in a positive light in that it can serve as a warning and offer protection.

The birthdates associated with this rune are November 13th to November 28th.

43 thoughts on “#Tuesday Runes – Nauthiz

  1. I know nothing about runes, so I appreciate learning something new. I’ve had my share of struggles and challenges in the last few years but patience, positivity, and hope helped me through the most difficult times. Thanks for sharing, Jan! ❀ xo

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    1. Hi, Vashti. I’m so glad you are enjoying this series on the runes. It’s always fun to learn something new. And, you never know when they might crop in one of your stories. πŸ™‚ Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

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  2. My birthday is November 22 so it’s for me. My need right now is to have a better sleep routine. It’s getting better but I would like to be asleep for one or two more hours each night, and I need the patience to keep working on it – exercise, relax in between working on the computer, etc. Thank you for the messages this rune brings, Jan.

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    1. Born under this rune sign, I can see that you are driven. Patience, balance, and self-love are your best friends. You are strong and resilient and that will serve you well. Thank you for stopping by! Hugs!

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    1. Interesting, Robbie. It could be that the Universe has more at play here than simply learning about the runes, one at a time. Timing is everything. Thank you so much for stopping by and I am glad you are enjoying the posts! Hugs!

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    1. Whoever coined the phrase, “Patience is a virtue,” certainly knew what they were talking about. I fall short in that area all the time. It can be exhausting trying to force the square peg into a round hole. I’m so glad you enjoyed this rune interpretation and that you found a way to apply it to your life. Thank you for stopping by, Sally! I appreciate you!

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  3. This is one of those runes no one really wants to see in a reading, since at first sight, it is a negative message. But like “death” in tarot, there lies a deep renewing message beneath. When I read your explanations, it all truly comes down to one word: patience. No, greed and obsessed collecting of possessions, waiting for the right time, accepting reality when dreams or plans are not turning out as we wanted. A true life-teaching rune message.

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    1. What a great comparison with The Death card in tarot. Everything has a positive aspect. But when it comes down to it, in order to grow in ourselves and learn our lessons, we have to get a little uncomfortable. πŸ™‚ That’s just the way it works. Patience is such a big word. Thank you for your awesome comment, Erika!

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    1. What a wonderful tidbit to take away from this, Mary. And I love that line, “I’ll continue on my journey with patience.” It says so much. Thank you for stopping by! Hugs!


    1. Absolutely, Denise. These hard times and challenges are going to come whether we want them or not. It’s part of life, so the best we can do is learn and move forward in growth. And yes, we must not forget to tend to our spiritual selves. Thank you for your comment! Have a great day!


  4. Thank you, Jan. I love the “advice” of this rune. If we look back, we’ve taken the greatest leaps and made the most profound changes after a time of great sorrow or struggle. I truly believe we’re in the midst of a collective shift, and we’re all facing hurdles that try the soul. Something good will come of this, and if I were to get this rune in a reading, I’d expect that to be the case. Great learning comes through great challenges. I wish that weren’t the case, but I believe it to be true. πŸ’—

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    1. Such truth, Gwen. I also believe we are in the midst of a global collective shift. Everyone is fighting their own battles, whether visible or invisible. But as you say, out of challenges comes growth, clarity, and learning. I think of it almost like childbirth. We just have to breathe through it. Thank you for your beautiful comment today! Have a wonderful love-filled day!

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    1. Trying to see the lessons in the midst of a challenging situation is next to impossible. It’s always hindsight that gives us clarity. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment, Staci! Have a great day!

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  5. This rune resonates with me, especially in relation to my anxiety. I’ve spent this past year learning to embrace the idea of strengthening my resilience and growing stronger. Thanks for sharing this one today, Jan. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you for your comment, Yvette. By taking a proactive stance in resolving your anxiety, you have grown by leaps and bounds. When you take a step like that, the Universe responds in a big way and I can see that in you. I wish you continued growth, peace, and success!! Have a wonderful day!

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  6. Hmm…I would think this is a rune most would not like to see in a reading. Even though the potential is there to learn from hardship, I guess most would prefer to avoid the circumstances. Of course, from learning comes growth, even when the teaching is difficult.

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    1. So true, Mae. We expend a great amount of energy avoiding hardships, even knowing they are created to help us grow into ourselves more fully. Still, they are unpleasant and we don’t like that. πŸ™‚ Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment today.

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