Monday #Motivation #Meditation #TarotReading

Good morning. It’s another Monday and the beginning of a brand new week. The thought expressed in this image struck me as profound and I hope you enjoy it as well.

Created in Canva by Jan Sikes

For our Monday Meditation, I’ve chosen something a little different. This meditation is a few minutes longer than what I’ve been posting, but still under 15 minutes. It is filled with affirmations guaranteed to uplift you!

And now for our Tarot Reading to set the tone for the week ahead.

Tarot Reading 4-26-21 by Jan Sikes

The Six of Swords is indicative of some sort of a transition. But the thing to note here is that the woman and child in the boat are receiving assistance with the passage. It can indicate leaving behind what is familiar and moving toward the unknown. But again, not alone. The Chariot is often looked at as the card of travel, but it is multi-dimensional in that it shows great willpower, determination and strength. It can be taken as a sign of encouragement, and in this reading following the Six of Swords, shows strength to leave behind the familiar and move toward the unknown with confidence and strength. But, without any doubt, it is an action card. It is not a time to be passive, but to move forward with purpose. The Knight of Cups is a beautiful outcome card indicating love and compassion pouring through you. It can also indicate the opening of creative expression, as well as possible new relationships coming into your life. So, in conclusion, the cards are telling us to leave behind the familiar with strength and confidence and look forward to new relationships or creativity. I don’t know about you, but I love this and am excited to see what’s ahead over the next few days!

Make it a great week and thank you for joining in!

38 thoughts on “Monday #Motivation #Meditation #TarotReading

  1. Definitely do not compare,we are all on our personal path and let go of our expectation. A good thought to share, Jan. Nice reading and sometimes we need to let go to move forward successfully 🙂

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  2. Such a fantastic way to welcome a new week! Thanks so much for sharing positivity and the tranquillity of mindfulness, Jan. We certainly need it! Best wishes for a wonderfully inspiring week. Cheers! xo

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      1. I did not mean to be nosy, but I thought you should know. It is still a very good outcome, when even the Ace of Cups would have been a dream outcome… lol.

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  3. Jan, enjoyed your interpretation of today’s cards. I am hoping for that burst of creativity, too, because I’m totally stuck on my latest short story! Maybe those cards signal a change for the better! Thanks again, Jan, for a fun and informative post and meditation. Have a wonderful week yourself!

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    1. Hi, Maura Beth. I hope you get that burst of creative energy and get the story moving. I’m glad you enjoyed the meditation and reading and wish you a great week ahead! Thank you for stopping by!

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    1. Awesome, Yvette. They spoke loudly to me as well and as I embark on this week leading up to Rick’s death twelve years ago, I needed something positive to keep me moving forward. Thank you for stopping by. I think you will enjoy the meditation and affirmations. I did. Have a great day!

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