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Over the next few weeks, I am going to focus on each of the seven main chakras, starting with the Root Chakra. Each week I will offer inspiration to expand and clear all our chakras so we can function at our highest capacity! I hope you love this meditation as much as I did.

Now for our weekly Tarot Reading.

Tarot Reading 5-9-21 Jan Sikes

The Hanged Man always represents a state of limbo. He is literally hanging around, not stressed or worried, but waiting. And because he is hanging upside down, the card indicates that perhaps a different perspective is needed. Both The Hanged Man and The Justice cards come from the major arcana which affects deep life lessons and karmic influences. So they are both very powerful cards. The Justice card represents truth, fairness, justice, and the law. It often appears when you need to make an important choice with the potential for long-term repercussions. Be aware of the impact your decisions will have on your well-being and the well-being of others. At its core, Justice is about seeking the truth of a matter and doing so with perhaps a different perspective and fairness. The Five of Pentacles can represent hard times, particularly in a career, job, or financial stability. It is somewhat of a warning. Embracing a “lack mindset” can indeed bring it to fruition. What you give energy to flourishes. If you think you don’t have enough, guess what? You won’t. So, with the other two cards in front of it, what I get is that with a different perspective and seeking truth, you can avoid some hard times.

I hope you’ve gotten some inspiration from this week’s post. Here’s to a wonderful perspective that brings truth and abundance!

31 thoughts on “Monday #Motivation #Meditation #TarotReading Root Chakra

  1. What a powerful reading and so relevant to my circumstances right now. Hubby and I are moving and are in limbo right now — not knowing where we’ll call home. This unsettling state of affairs has opened up old questions and deeper longings. Through it all, I’m learning to just let go and trust that all will be well. Thank you, Jan, for another insightful reading. 💗

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    1. I can see where this reading can be related to your current state of limbo, Gwen. Learning to let go and trust is not always easy to do. But the Justice card is all about your inner truth and that is where you’ll find your answers. Thank you for stopping by! Sending light and love!! Hugs!


  2. Very interesting, Jan. Although I don’t have immediate decisions coming up, I’ve been wondering about things in general and feel at a bit of an impasse, so your reading has given me much to think about. Thanks for the inspiration and the meditation as well.

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    1. Hi, Olga! How wonderful to see your face show up in a comment! I am so glad the reading gave you food for thought and that you enjoyed the meditation and quote. Thank you for stopping by and I do hope you’ll come back again! Hugs!


  3. That is a great reading. So close to everyday life, actually. Yes, take your time, and observe, then you might make that decision that leads to a good fruition of your project or situation. I like how you interpret the Handed Man. I was always taught that he is caught in a situation where he cannot move and is rather helpless. Of course, this can be another way to interpret it. But I love yours because it makes a rather negative card a very positive one.

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    1. Thank you for stopping by, Erika, and I’m happy you enjoyed my interpretation of The Hanged Man card. I believe there is a positive in every card and that’s what I like to focus on. I figure there’s enough negative in the world. 🙂 I appreciate your comment and wish you an awesome week ahead!

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      1. This is so true! And I tend to look for the positive message in the readings all the time. So, I never was happy with what I was taught. Thank you and you have a wonderful week too!

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  4. I felt this reading, Jan! I do need to let go of the rather gloomy image I’ve held on to about what the futures offers. Time to create my own instead of allowing others to mold mine. Glad we will be working on Chakras, too. I try to keep my flowing although my throat Chakra tends to block that flow. Have a great Monday!

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    1. I totally understand, Denise. On a global scale, the future not only looks gloomy, but hopeless. And if you are like me, it leaves me feeling a little helpless as well. But I agree that we must create our own futures and not let others dictate our happiness and peace. It’s interesting that you mention the throat chakra because I often hold back speaking my truth for fear of offending someone, and that action alone blocks the throat chakra. As authors, that is also our communication flow. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I hope you have a wonderful day and week ahead!


    1. Sometimes that isn’t a bad place to be, Jill. When in doubt, be still. Thank you for stopping by and I’m so glad you enjoyed energizing your root chakra with the meditation!

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    1. Such a wise saying, Harmony. But it is true. And so often, we don’t realize how powerful our thoughts can be. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I hope you have a great week ahead! Hugs!

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  5. This reading speaks volumes to me. I’ve been struggling with a couple of friendships lately that have been draining my energy. I was refusing to see the truth because I wanted to hold on to a rosy facade, but this weekend finally allowed me the chance to see the truths for what they are. I’ve now made peace with it and have let go of that toxicity. I’m choosing to give my energy to those who value my friendship. As for work, it’s very stressful with testing all month long, but there is light at the end of the tunnel, so it’s all good. Hope you have a wonderful Monday, Jan! 🙂

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    1. Oh, Yvette, those kinds of struggles are so difficult. We all want to hold on to our rose-colored glasses and pretend everything is fine when it isn’t. I am holding you up in my thoughts, sending light and love as you work through these struggles. As you say, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it isn’t a train. 🙂 Hang in there and thank you for your comment. Hugs!

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