#TuesdayRunes – Elhaz

Welcome back to another segment of the journey through the runes! We are more than halfway through the Elder Futhark Alphabet.

Photo courtesy Jan Sikes

The rune we are exploring today is Elhaz (el-hahz) also known as Algiz.

The keywords associated with this rune are: Protection, Defense and Opportunity.

Sounds uncannily like our Tarot Reading yesterday. 🙂

Elhaz is the rune of defense and protection and its shape is said to represent both the elk, with its imposing antlers, and the sedge plant, whose sharp leaves act as a natural protection from would-be predators. Both images illustrate the power represented by this rune.

Drawing Elhaz in a reading indicates that you are safe from danger, and there is no need to fear. However, don’t take the protective energy for granted by being reckless with your actions. As long as you remain alert and clear-minded, in touch with your intuition, you are headed for a positive outcome.

Elhaz has also been associated with reaching up to connect with the divine for support. It can refer to an upcoming opportunity or quest. Usually this involves one or more other people who may bring an offer or an invitation to join in a venture of some kind. As long as your intuition agrees, go for it. This is a favorable time for a new endeavor, and it is likely to produce positive results at a rapid pace.

Elhaz indicates protection from negative energy and people, protection of property, strengthened friendships, and possible astral communication.

The birthdates associated with this rune are January 28th – February 13th.

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23 thoughts on “#TuesdayRunes – Elhaz

  1. This done blend nicely with yesterday, Jan. I’m going to have to get some runes so the girls and I can see what we come up with.

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    1. Oh, what a great idea, Denise. I love that your daughters share in the spiritual aspects of tarot cards and now runes. That would be awesome! Thanks for stopping by!


  2. I like how this rune is a “social” rune since its message includes more people than only the one the reading is for. It is like woven into the natural interaction between each other and displays the consequences of actions and reactions. I don’t know if it makes sense what I say here… hehe.

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    1. What you say makes perfect sense, Erika. You are right. This rune includes more people than one and isn’t that true in life. We seldom are totally alone in our actions and/or consequences. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment!


  3. When I first quickly glanced at the rune, I thought, “Oh, an upside down peace sign!” Lol! Then, I realized it had an extra “leg”. Still, the idea resonates with me because when you feel protected, you feel safe, which brings you a sense of peace. I love the image of the elk and the sedge plant. I like this rune. Great post, Jan! 🙂

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    1. That’s an interesting observation, Yvette. It is similar to the peace sign for sure and I like that association with this rune. This is a great rune for everyone to feel inspired by. We all need to feel safe and yes, it brings a profound sense of peace. Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day!

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    1. This would be a great symbol to hang on your wall or keep close by your workspace, Staci. Just the symbol alone is inspiring and makes me want to stretch upward. Thank you for stopping by! Have a divine day!

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