#NewRelease – The Betrayers – Parris Afton Bonds The Texican Series #historicalromance

Love and hate combine to endanger the Paladíns and all they hold dear.

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Parris Afton Bonds is my friend, but first and foremost, she is a storyteller. She is the author of nearly fifty novels and has been in the business of creating compelling and entertaining stories for over four decades.

Parris Afton Bonds

 She is co-founder and first vice president of Romance Writers of America, as well as, cofounder of Southwest Writers Workshop.

Declared by ABC’s NIGHTLINE as one of three best-selling authors of romantic fiction, the New York Times best seller Parris Afton Bonds has been featured in major newspapers and magazines, as well as, published in more than a dozen languages.

The Parris Award was established in her name by the Southwest Writers Workshop to honor a published writer who has given outstandingly of time and talent to other writers.  Prestigious recipients of the Parris Award include Tony Hillerman and the Pulitzer nominee Norman Zollinger.

And the latest series, The Texican Series, is a perfect example of her writing prowess. Before there was New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California, or Utah, there was Texas. Molded by Old Mexico and a new rough and ready breed of hearty settlers from around the world, The Lone Star Republic was the thing of dreams—land, riches, liberty, home. And that is where this series begins with “The Brigands.”

And now Parris has released Book #4 in this series!

Designed by Motina Books


WHEN A LONGTIME family friend is wrongly accused of involvement in a Houston riot and mutiny, Drake Paladín vows to get the best attorney money can buy. That lawyer is none other than Roger Clarendon, known not only for his legal prowess but his insufferable arrogance as well. When the drunken attorney makes an aggressive pass at Drake’s wife, Angel, Drake breaks Roger open like a shotgun. The violent scuffle results in Roger’s father—the Honorable Brighton Clarendon, Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court—delivering a none-to-subtle message to the Paladíns: politics is dirty business.

From hereon, the Paladíns are under the gun, suffering failures and even outright sabotage across their many business ventures. Eventually, even The Barony itself, the sprawling South Texas ranch the family fought and won the right to at the Battle of San Jacinto, is put in peril. Rallying together to save their ancestral home, the Paladíns finally put niceties and tolerance behind them. This is war.

But this battle to exterminate the Clarendons takes Preston Paladín all the way to the bowels of pre-war Nazi Germany—and the disarming charms of the beautiful Fabienne Allaman. But on whose side is she really? And dare he risk The Barony and the fate of his entire family for the love of a resistance fighter with nothing to lose?

In the penultimate volume of her riveting Texicans saga, New York Times bestselling author Parris Afton Bonds weaves the threads of loyalty, class, power, and politics into a single captivating tale of one family’s struggle to survive the fires of war and The Great Depression. Written with the authenticity of a historian, the color of a painter, and the grace of a choreographer, The Betrayers is Bonds at her finest.

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68 thoughts on “#NewRelease – The Betrayers – Parris Afton Bonds The Texican Series #historicalromance

    1. Pete, thank you! My publisher wrote the outstanding blurb. Taking fifty years of sweat, blood, and angst as a paid professional, I wrote the 5-volume series of The Texicans saga. Let me wish you the best of success in your passion of writing. It’s is the passion not the lure of fame and fortune that is the true pay-off. ❤

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      1. That is SO true, Parris. If a person writes with the idea of getting rich and famous, they need to find another profession. Writing is a profession of pure passion!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Wow, this series sounds amazing. Congratulations, Parris! Thank you, Jan, for introducing her to me. I’m in awe of her writing abilities. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I am impressed. How amazing to have such a successful series. But it simply is a good book series idea. I love how the book covers are so similar to be recognized. You have an awesome friend. Congratulations on both of you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Balroop ~ actually, I think it is 51 novels now, but you have to remember I have been selling professionally for 50 years, but I wrote my first novel (a three-pager I pecked out on an old Royal typewriter) at the age of five. My mom saved it for me, and it is packed away somewhere. ❤


    1. Mae Clair ~ thank you. The five book series took 4-1/2 years to write along with thinning hair, (from angsting) decaying teeth (from gnashing), and many a sleepless night (from characters prying me awake), but following one’s passion has been well worth the effort. Always. ❤

      Liked by 2 people

      1. She is a sweetheart. I adore her.

        Nice to “meet” you here, Parris. I was supposed to meet you a while ago in Arkansas, but I’m sorry to say it never happened. Better late than never, even if it is via a blog rather than in person.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Joan, thank you. One of my long-time friends and also a best selling writer for Silhouette’s romance series was named Joan Hall, and for a split-second, when I saw your name I thought our multi-talented Jan Sikes was channeling her! ❤

      Liked by 2 people

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