#TuesdayRunes – Tiwaz

Photo by Jan Sikes

It’s time to continue our journey through the runes! The next segment of the Elder Futhark runes is Tyr’s Aett. These runes speak to the aspects of the dance between the visible and invisible realms, with runes directly connected to the ancient deities, natural forces, and humanity itself. The first rune in this segment is Tiwaz (tee-wahz).

Photo by Jan Sikes

As the first rune in Tyr’s Aett, Tiwaz represents the qualities of the god Tyr. It is associated with courage, strength, and the forward-moving nature of masculine energy.

Tiwaz speaks of the need to put our causes above personal desires if the greater good requires it. If you are facing a decision that involves potential discomfort in order to achieve a positive outcome, Tiwaz is signaling that you possess the courage and ability to withstand the sacrifice and emerge victorious. You are ready for the challenge, provided you act with integrity and remain true to your inner knowledge.

Victory is another primary interpretation of Tiwaz, particularly when it comes to competitions of all kinds. Harness the enthusiastic energy and motivation to achieve your goals and you will succeed. This rune is also a positive sign for success in legal matters, providing that you are being honest and just in your actions.

The shape of Tiwaz resembles a spear and the upward pointing arrow symbolizes the force of masculine energy. Action is indicated. However, you are cautioned not to act impulsively.

Another aspect of the masculine energy of Tiwaz is passion and sexual energy, so romance is indicated by this rune, depending on the context of a reading. It could refer to a new romance or a reinvigoration of an existing relationship.

If Tiwaz is reversed in a reading (downward pointing arrow), it signifies a lack of courage or motivation when it comes to achieving your goals.

The birthdate associated with this rune is February 27 to March 14.

Thanks for coming along on this journey and I hope you enjoyed learning about this rune!

42 thoughts on “#TuesdayRunes – Tiwaz

  1. Thank you very much for this very interesting article, Jan. I have to be honest, here in Germany one can hear at least nothing about runes. That may depend on the history, were this topic was very misinterpreted, and here in this part of Germany we are also “full catholozised”. Lol Indeed, very interesting! Thank you, and have a nice day! Michael xx

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    1. Hi, Michael. That is very interesting, seeing as how the Runic Alphabet originated in that part of the world. However, they have been misinterpreted over the centuries and, were banned by religion at one time. I just see them as another tool to help gain clarity, such as using tarot cards. Thank you so much for stopping by!

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  2. The rune Tiwaz spoke to me this morning and gave me the strength to get up early to go for a walk. I’m not a morning person and usually walk in the evening, but the heatwave hits the west coast. I need to keep walking, maintain my good health to enjoy my family especially the grandkids. Thank you for this positive post, Jan!

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  3. I found this one interesting, especially in the aspects it represents. It often takes courage and strength to continue in a forward-moving journey, so a perfect blend there. And, hopefully, those bring victory. A great rune, Jan!

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    1. Oh, this rune fits you, Yvette. And it shows that you needed a son to share that energy with. It is also the birthday rune for my oldest daughter and she has three boys. These qualities also describe her. Thank you so much for stopping by!! Here’s to the arrow always pointing upward in your life! Hugs!

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