Apologies and Update

I am so sorry there was no Monday #Motivation #Meditation or #TarotReading today but I have been out of town. My oldest sister, who turned 85 this year, is in critical condition in a hospital in Tyler, Texas. So, I left here early on Saturday morning to go join the family and be with her. She has a lot of complications and I won’t go into them all, but she’s got a long road to recovery.

So, please hold her up with prayer, positive healing vibes, light and love or whatever method of communication with the divine you prefer, Her name is Jean.

In my books, she is Norma. She took me under her wing when I left home at 18 and taught me so much about life. We’ve always kept that closeness. It was hard to leave her this morning and return home, but I had no choice.

All that being said, I hope to have my regular post up here next Monday. Thank you all for understanding.

Comments are closed as I simply don’t have the time to answer each one. But know that I appreciate you!!