Monday #Motivation #Meditation #TarotReading

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend and are ready to tackle another week!

I love that quote from Maya Angelou. We spend so much of our lives trying to fit in and often deny the deepest parts of ourselves. The meditation I chose for today is a practice in simply ‘being.’ I enjoyed it and hope you will too.

And now for this week’s Tarot reading.

Photo by Jan Sikes 7-12-21

The Moon card is from the Major Arcana and represents our deepest fears or illusions. The Moon can indicate a time of uncertainty and illusion when nothing is what it seems. Be careful of making fast decisions when the Moon appears because you may later realize you only had half the information you needed. You need to listen to and trust your intuition so you can see beyond what is in front of you. Feel into situations rather than thinking what they mean. Let go of your conscious mental blocks or negative self-talk and allow your intuition to guide you. This card is also a reminder to pay attention to the lunar cycles. We are currently under the influence of a new moon – a time for setting goals and intentions. It is the time to plant seeds for the future. The Nine of Pentacles is the card of abundance. You’ve worked hard and now perhaps it is a time to reap the harvest. It also indicates being at one in harmony with what is around you. You can see from the character’s demeanor on the card, there is complete peace, along with plenty of everything needed. Is it just me, or do we get a lot of Aces in these readings? The Ace of Swords indicates breakthroughs, new ideas, mental clarity, and success. It is a wave of new energy from the intellectual realm. See this card as a sign of encouragement. Your mind is in expansion mode and indicates an excellent time to start an exciting new project.

So to wrap it up, we are encouraged to take time to get the facts about any situation that requires a decision, set your goals and intentions for the next moon cycle, be open to reaping your harvest and having abundance, and don’t be surprised if an exciting new idea comes at you out of the clear blue.

Make it a great week!

I have a survey for my blog followers regarding these Monday Posts. Are you getting tired of them and want to see something new? Give me your response Here:

37 thoughts on “Monday #Motivation #Meditation #TarotReading

  1. I enjoy these posts Jan, especially when they leave me feeling hopeful. 🙂 I voted, but booboo’d I think. I meant to say to keep the post, but wanted to add in gemstones, but it only took the gemstones. My bad. I love it all. ❤


  2. Humans are hard to figure out sometimes. Half of the time, we try to be independent and unique, and the other half of the time, we try to blend in and do nothing out of the ordinary.


  3. That’s a wonderful quote and one I strongly endorse. I always enjoy learning more about Tarot – I just started a book over the weekend where a character reads the cards, and I remembered some of the things I learned in your posts. Thanks, Jan!

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  4. I am blown away (again). Wow, I just stumbled over a new treatment technique that greatly adds to what I already offer in my therapy practice. It is a complete gut decision although not knowing everything about it but it feels right. What a confirming reading to go there and skip another plan I had in mind before!

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    1. How wonderful, Erika! I just love it when the Universe gives us confirmation! Just make sure you have all the information, as that was part of the reading. Congrats and I hope it all goes great! Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment today! Hugs!

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      1. I am about to collect information to get the best possible picture for a decision. But it does feel good from the first moment on. Even the mind is fine… lol


  5. Thank you for the great reading, Jan. We live in a time of immense change, and the cards point to a wonderful way to manage that change. In terms of your posts, just follow your heart, and others like me will tag behind. 💗

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    1. Thank you so much, Gwen. You are such a sweet soul and I am so blessed to have you in my life! Seriously! I mean that. You are right. We are living in a time of immense change and keeping in touch with our intuition and higher self is the only to navigate it with any ease. Hugs, dear friend!


  6. Love the quote…so true! Using my intuition comes up often lately. Another good reading and always love seei g the ace 🙂 I will have to do the meditation later, I have sick grandkid duty today. I enjoy these posts but would have to say trust your intuition on what to put here 😉

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    1. Duh! I think the poll answer was supposed to be in the comments. And there I am trying to click on a link that doesn’t exist. What can I say? It’s a Monday, LOL!

      Anyway, I think most of us like blogging about the things that speak to us. I don’t follow Tarot, or know anything about it, so I’m often not able to offer insightful comments. That said, I think you should still blog about what you enjoy. If you feel you don’t have a strong enough response each Monday, maybe do two Monday Mediation posts a month, interspersed with two posts on different subject you equally enjoy. Hope the feedback helps—now that I figured out where to leave it! 😉

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  7. What an amazing video. It reminded me of my biofeedback days, to get rid of headaches. Her voice is amazing.

    I didn’t vote in the poll because I’m pretty new to your blog. It’ll be interesting to see what others say.

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    1. Thank you, Jacqui. I appreciate your comment. I agree. She has a soothing voice and I found the meditation to be a wonderful re-centering. I’m so glad you are following my blog and we’ll see what others vote for. I have just seen a drop in visitors and thought folks might be tiring of these posts. However, it is summertime which equates to family and vacation time. I know I have not been as diligent about visiting the blogs I follow, so it could just be that factor. Thanks for stopping by!

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