#CoverReveal – The Siren’s Song @hmkindt

I am super excited to share a cover reveal for a new upcoming book from Author, Heather Kindt!

Heather is a super talented teacher, mom, wife AND author. Her latest YA series, The Eternal Artifacts, create the fantasy world for this new release. If you haven’t had the opportunity to check these out, I highly recommend them. Even though they are classified as YA, they are definitely enjoyable for adults as well.

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And now without further adieu, here is the stunning cover for The Siren’s Song due to be released in March 2022!


The shadowy folds of Mo capture both souls and secrets.

Catron’s father intended to scare her with his words. After all, her mother traveled far from home, losing herself to both the shadows and her wayward spirit. But instead of heeding his warning, Catron longs for more than her life as a glass blower’s apprentice. When Dawkin, a member of the King of Mo’s illustrious guard, offers her a place at the Vradian Academy, she willingly accepts.

Fivlon would rather gouge both of his eyes out with an iron stick than attend the Vradian Academy. Messing around with his friends is a lot more fun than attending school with a bunch of stuck-up future leaders. Following in his father’s footsteps as the head of Ferox isn’t a priority. Until one of his friends disappears.  

Now at school, Catron and Fivlon face a much larger task than their ethics homework. As students and staff disappear from the academy, they must figure out who is behind it before they become the next victims.


45 thoughts on “#CoverReveal – The Siren’s Song @hmkindt

  1. I looked at this cover a while, trying to figure out what I liked about it. I think it’s the semicircular opening and combination of dark with the light aqua color.

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  2. Congratulations, Heather. I love your cover and the blurb is fascinating. Thank you, Jan, for introducing Heather. You’ve offered a wonderful feature. 💗

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  3. Hi, Jan! Thanks for featuring Heather’s cover reveal today. What a beautiful cover! The character on the cover strongly resembles one of my daughters of the heart. I love Heather’s books, and am currently reading and enjoying Weaver. Waiting for the Black Door with bated breath, and now we have this new series to look forward to. Way to go, Heather! Congratulations!

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  4. Really cool cover. So many details but not distracting and making one whole picture.
    Admittedly, what immediately caught my attention was her name. Erika translated is Heather. And my last name is Kind. Funny!

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