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Created in Canva by Jan Sikes

Welcome to the start of another week. With so much heartache in the world, it’s impossible not to feel it. But as with every post, I strive to find something positive to uplift. I ran across this quote in one of my journals recently. I don’t remember when I wrote it, but I do remember the profound realization of what freedom truly is, and we ALL have it regardless of outside circumstances! So, the meditation I’m sharing today is all about tuning into positive loving energy.

This is my second attempt at doing a Rune Cast and I felt a little more comfortable with it. I burned the Palo Santo Wood and Sweetgrass to cleanse the area from anything my ego might try to interject. I used the runes I made this time.

Photo by Jan Sikes 9-20-21

The rune in the past position is Kenaz. It represents a torch, beacon or fire. On a metaphysical level, this represents the light of knowledge or enlightenment. It can indicate a breakthrough of some sort. Perhaps seeing a situation in a different light and in a gentle way. It is the rune of the artist and craftsman and is useful when creativity is needed. It also governs the technical aspect of magic. Some say it can represent a fresh start.

How strange that the blank rune WYRD has shown up so early in the readings. 🙂 The Universe is challenging me. So here goes. WYRD is a relative to the word karma and takes its meaning from the runes surrounding it. It operates on a completely separate dimension than the other runes and can often indicate in a reading that the situation is in God’s hands. It shows that what is destined to be cannot be avoided.

The third rune is Ingwaz and represents the male aspect of Mother Earth. When found in the outcome position of a rune reading, it indicates a successful outcome. Whatever is propelling you forward at the moment, Ingwaz is acknowledging and confirming that the energy behind it is potent and heading for substantial results. It is a very positive rune.

My takeaway:

Perhaps we are given the opportunity to see a situation or creative project in a new light, understanding that destiny and Karma come into play throughout life and that part is totally out of our control. With Ingwaz in the outcome position, what is coming is all good!

And the Dragon Card confirms that message!

Also, just a reminder to all the gemstone lovers, tonight is a powerful full moon and there is no better way to charge your stones than putting them out under the moon’s rays!

44 thoughts on “Monday #Motivation #Meditation #RuneReading #DragonCard

    1. Beautiful, Debby! And you can also sit them in a window where the moon can recharge them. As with all things metaphysical, setting the intention to invite the moon to charge them is also as effective. Thank you for stopping by!

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  1. Jan, an incredible quote by you and thank you for the reminder of the freedom we have of our thoughts! Sometimes we get swept away by them and forget that we are in charge! Wonderful … as was the meditation – yes, I did notice your nudge last week! 😀 A powerful and energising start to my day this morning which has stayed with me during the day! I promise to try more!😀

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    1. Thank you, Pete. I’m glad you enjoyed the quote. A famous quote comes to mind, “life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% how you react.” There is so much in life that we have no control over, but we always have control of our thoughts, feelings, and attitudes. I definitely gravitate toward positive people, and I am sure you do too. I’m happy you stopped by! Have a great day!

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    1. Well said, Miriam. It is for our sanity and peace of mind that we stay on the positive side of life. And that doesn’t mean losing touch with reality. Thank you so much for your comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

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  2. Loved the reading, Jan. As confusing as things might be, folks are turning inward and listening to the resident truth, rather than the outside noise. There’s a rising of energy that I now simply release into. We are emerging into light, seeing for the first time, and finding the universal family. 💗

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    1. I love the visual your words, ‘there’s a rising energy’ brought to me. I can feel it and yes, we are merging into light! What a tumultuous yet exciting time to be alive! Thank you for your comment. Hugs!


  3. Per usual, I love your post, Jan. From the quote header, which is beautifully said, to the Dragon Card, it’s such a comforting post to read on a Monday. And that it ties in so much positive energy, God’s hands, and Mother Nature ❤
    Thank you for sharing!!

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  4. Wow, wow! What a reading. It totally speaks to me. Just recently, I was offered to sing my songs at a regional festival next year. I pondered whether I shall take the chance or not since it collides with other plans at the same time. But I decided to grab the bull by the horns. To me personally, the reading confirms my decision with the first rune. The second says that it is my destiny to go that way (it is my nature)… and the third one… what more could I wish for. Yes, we should take our chances, that’s why they show up as part of our life’s journey. And as long as we stay true to ourselves and follow those signs we will find success. Because we are in alignment. Sorry, for that long comment but this was so inspiring again. Thank you, Jan!

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    1. How exciting, Erika! Your comment, again, made me think of Matthew McConaughey’s book, Greenlights! He talks about how we have to know ourselves and what we truly want before we can go forward. I am so glad the reading confirms your decision! Who knows what can come from it. We just have to dress up and show up! Thank you for your awesome comment and best wishes!! Light and Love to you, my friend!

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      1. Yes, exactly! You nailed that. It is only about the courage to show up and do “your thing”. Your readings always hit home, Jan 😄


  5. Well, I can see that this reading applies to me on several levels but more importantly it’s a confirmation that this new series will end up in the right hands at the right time. I’m not worried. Strange that I was telling Taylor Moore over the weekend that it does no good to worry about things I can’t control. That’s up to the higher power. See you soon, sister!

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    1. That is so true. All the worrying in the world will not change what is to be. I’m glad you aren’t worried about the new series. Having faith in your work helps create a positive outcome. Thank you so much for your comment and I look forward to seeing you this weekend! Love you!


  6. This reading resonates with me. I’ve been getting this message repeatedly. What is meant to happen, will. Yet, I can approach this with a positive heart. My crystals and rocks are ready to go out into the moonlight.

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    1. I totally agree, Teri. The world needs LOTS of positive loving energy. One amazing fact about the moon – even when we can’t see it because of weather, the strength, and pull of it is still there just as strong. Thank you for stopping by!

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  7. I absolutely love that quote, Jan! It reminds me of something I heard years ago, “We can’t always choose your circumstances, but we can choose our attitude.” These days we need lots of positive thoughts. Speaking of moons, tonight is the full Harvest Moon.

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    1. Yes! I am heading straight over to your place, Joan. 🙂 I have loved your moon series! And I totally agree with your quote. We can only control how we react to things that are out of our control. Thank you for stopping by!

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