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Welcome to another Monday post! Today’s motivational quote comes from a piece of writing Rick Sikes did in 1977. For all his Texas cowboy ways, he was a deep thinker and writer.

Created in Canva by Jan Sikes

Today’s meditation is to help bring a positive focus to our day.

Today, I was compelled to go back to the Tarot cards for a message for the week.

Photo by Jan Sikes 10/4/21

The Five of Cups shows a man in mourning. Three cups are overturned in front of him and he is disappointed in something. But it’s all a mindset. If he would only turn around, there are two more upright cups awaiting him. So, it can indicate regrets or loss. This card is in the past position, which I am glad for! The Seven of Cups could not be more opposite! It is a card of new opportunities, choices, and at times, possibly illusions. When the Seven of Cups appears in a Tarot reading, you have many options and opportunities from which you can choose. But be careful! You are prone to illusion and unrealistic ideals. It is always wise to evaluate your options and dig below the surface to discover what’s involved with each choice. Often, the Seven of Cups can be a sign of wishful thinking and projecting into the future about what you would like to create, rather than taking action here in the present to make it happen. For example, you may wish for a fitter, more healthy body, until it’s time to get out there and exercise ( Oh my Lord! That’s me!).

We end by looking to the future of the week with the Page of Swords. This card is full of energy, passion, and enthusiasm. When this card shows up in a Tarot reading, you are bursting with new ideas and plans for the future. You may be excited about starting a new project, pursuing a new approach, or learning something new. You have so much energy that you feel as though you could do almost anything – and you can! The challenge, however, is whether you can keep it up. As with all Pages, the beginning always looks promising, but you need something else to follow through and keep up the pace.

My takeaway: Don’t mourn or wallow in what you may perceive as losses or regrets. Instead, look forward to the many options in front of you, but choose wisely, then let the energy of the Page of Swords launch you into your choice.

This week’s Dragon Card is incredibly gorgeous! How many of you were aware that we have a Causal Chakra? I only recently learned of it. It is situated on the back of the head.

39 thoughts on “Monday #Motivation #Meditation #TarotReading #DragonCard

    1. Hi, Debby. Rick has visited me in dreams that weren’t exactly dreams, if that makes sense. At some point, I want to share a journey he took me on just a few months after he passed away. He showed me where it was and it was the most beautiful and incredible place you can imagine. I have had communications from him through a medium. Those are always incredibly uplifting.

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      1. Wow. That’s what I’m waiting for Jan, a visit through dreams – that I can remember lol. I had that experience when I lost my father. I astral planed and wound up at heaven’s gate where my dad greeted me and of course wouldn’t let me pass. I’m in search of a good Medium. I look so forward to your sharing the journey Rick took you on. ❤

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  1. This reading makes such a complete picture again. Have an open mind and look at all the options and you will see the chances to pursue your goal successfully. Wow! And I live the quote a lot.

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    1. I’m so glad the reading resonated with you, Erika. We are given choices every day and when we use our higher selves to decide, it always comes out for the good of all. I totally can see that you live your life from that place of connectedness and I honor and embrace it! Thank you for stopping by!

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      1. Your readings always do. That’s amazing! I think the more we question ourselves or want to improve ourselves the more we find things that speak to us. So, there is still a lot of potential for improvement… lol. Have a lovely day, Jan!

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  2. Rick’s quote resonated with me. Sometimes, when I’m feeling lost and lonely, I’ll let my brain wander (always a dangerous thing to do, lol) and a peace will come over me. When it’s done, I can look on my depression for what it is and move on.
    Great post, Jan.

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  3. I can’t say I’ve heard of that Chakra. I know there’s one past the crown that has white light, unless that the same? Great reading I kept thinking its perspective and doing. Thanks, Jan:)

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    1. Thank you for stopping by, Denise. The Causal Chakra is on the back of the head, so that’s different than the chakras that extend upward from the crown. I’m going to be doing a post on that chakra, so maybe it will be helpful. I’m glad you enjoyed the reading and I agree about perspective and doing! Have a great Monday!


  4. The first thing that popped into my mind with the Page of Swords was Nanowrimo. A lot of us are excited and gearing up with high hopes for the challenge. Are you participating this year? An interesting tarot spread, Jan, and a positive message. Wishing you much creativity. ❤

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    1. Oh, that is so true, Diana! That’s the perfect card for the energy required to tackle NanoWrimo! I am not participating this year, as I am knee-deep in edits on the third segment of The White Rune series. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post today and thank you for stopping by!

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    1. It’s not easy to let go of things that hurt or disappoint us. I most often disappoint myself and I think in some ways that’s even harder to let go of. I can beat myself up for years. 🙂 But it does absolutely no good. Onward and upward. I agree. I am loving all of the dragon cards!

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    1. I’m glad the reading resonated with you, Mae. Rick was such a complex man. Outwardly, he appeared like a typical west Texas cowboy musician, but inwardly, his thoughts ran deep. I was just thinking this morning that I wish we had spent more time talking about those deep thoughts. He kept them hidden except in his writings. Thank you for stopping by! Happy Monday to you too!

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    1. I totally understand, Sarah. And that is exactly why the meditations I post here are always no more than ten minutes. We all live busy lives, but taking just those few minutes to connect with the breath can give a day a whole new perspective. Thank you for stopping by!


  5. I can completely connect with this reading. It’s always interesting for me how well my life fits with the readings. Lol! Will you be doing a post on the causal chakra? I’m curious about it, and you always explain things so well. 🙂

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    1. Hi, Yvette. Thank you for stopping by. I am so glad these readings touch you in some way. That is my only goal in doing these posts. I haven’t thought about doing a post on the Causal Chakra, but I certainly can as I am learning more about it. Maybe I’ll include it in one of my Wednesday Wonders posts with a stone that works well with the chakra. I love the suggestion. Have a fabulous week and keep smiling no matter what!! Hugs!

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