Colleen’s #Book #Reviews: “Til Death Do Us Part,” by Jan Sikes @JanSikes3

Colleen Chesebro has posted her review for ‘Til Death Do Us Part, and I am humbled by her words. Please head over and share! Thank you!

Colleen M. Chesebro

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From the Author

Veteran Texas musician, Luke Stone, has cheated death more times than he cares to remember. He’s been everything from a simple farm boy to a rowdy roughneck, a singing star to a convict and finally a husband and father whose goals consisted of building a home and raising a family… which he did.
Now, with a chance for a second music career, he knows the sand in his hourglass is running thin. His anchor in life and true love, Darlina, stands at his side, determined to help make the dream a reality. But, his aging body is sabotaging every effort and the only thing that keeps him going is sheer willpower and the love he has for Darlina.
When faced with being confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life, Luke draws on every resource to continue to function and…

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