#MKTG – Part 6 – Pinterest #SocialMediaMarketing #Pinterest

I am at Story Empire today with a book marketing post about Pinterest. Have you ever thought of using Pinterest to promote your work? Take a look!

Story Empire

Hello, SE’rs. It’s Jan again with another look at social media marketing. The topic today is Pinterest.

I think of Pinterest as a huge virtual file cabinet. I am forever saving blog posts that I want to reference later, or that I simply want to save. So, when I came across the idea of promoting a pin, it was news to me.

I kept seeing the option to promote pop-up when I would pin something new to my account. So, because of my promise to you, I decided to explore.

Promoting a pin was fairly easy, although I now know that I missed a few important steps on this first try.

The pin I chose to promote was a blog post featuring a 5-star review of my book.

All I did was open the pin and click on the “promote” button. In three steps, I was done. I never saw…

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