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Good morning! Welcome to a new day, a new week, a clean slate on which to write our stories.

This is such a beautiful meditation with a powerful mantra to begin a new day.

I was drawn back to the Tarot Cards for our weekly reading. I love the message!

Photo by Jan Sikes 10-18-21

The Two of Pentacles is about endless juggling. As you can see from the image, he has two pentacles he has continuously in motion with the infinity symbol. This card invites you to manage your time and your priorities carefully. Your workload is high right now, and to get everything done, you need to stay focused and productive. You may benefit from a ‘to do’ list, better calendar management, and a stricter schedule. (I know. I hear you groaning because I am too) With the approaching holiday season, this is timely. Balance is a must.

The Knight of Pentacles represents hard work, effort, and the responsibility of following a dream. Notice the sturdy strength of the horse the knight is seated upon. When this card appears in a Tarot reading, you are working methodically towards your goals. You have a plan in place and are sticking to your schedule to get the job done. You may not work particularly quickly, but you are consistent, dedicated, and committed to your goal. Put one foot in front of the other and finish the job. This card also asks you to continue doing what you are doing, plodding along and making gradual progress. No need to change your approach. Go with the flow, stick to your usual routines, and over time, you will reach your goals.

Then the Hanged Man tells us to take a pause from all that hard work and reflect on what’s really important in life. It can sometimes indicate a delay. Don’t keep pushing forward, hoping that more force will drive you to where you want to go. Instead, surrender to the opportunity to pause and view it as your chance to reassess and re-evaluate where you are on your path. Something new is emerging, and you won’t be able to see it unless you allow the time and space for it to come through. **Addendum** Many thanks to C.S. Boyack for pointing out that the Hanged Man is reversed. I did not see that. Whether I accidentally flipped him, or he came out of the deck that way, who knows. but it does change the reading.

Reversed Hanged Man can indicate the need to hit the pause button. And if we don’t heed the warning, we may end up crashing and burning. It can also indicate delays or things being put on hold, much to our frustration.

My takeaway:

I almost had to laugh out loud at this card spread. We have the balancing act of too much to do, hard work, then put on the brakes. So, to me, it is saying for this week, work hard, stay balanced, and don’t resist taking pause at the end of the week for a little R&R. We don’t want to crash and burn! Sounds good to me! And how ironic that we have a full moon in Aries this week which is full of drive and passion, then moving into stillness by the weekend when the moon is void of course inviting us to take it easy.

And as always, the beautiful little dragons bring such an uplifting message.

49 thoughts on “Monday #Motivation #Meditation #TarotReading #DragonCard

  1. It’s like you’re speaking directly to me, Jan, lol. I feel like I’m juggling about ten things right now, and I’m sure something’s going to fall between the cracks. To-do lists are keeping me in line, but I’m even forgetting to add some things to that. Have a great week!

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    1. To-Do lists are great to help organize. I am terrible about using them but do recognize the benefit. It seems we are all trying to juggle more than we can handle, Teri. So maybe toward the end of the week, we can slow down a little and catch our breath. That is my goal, anyway. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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  2. It seems I’m not alone in trying to juggle a list of “things.” Thank you for the reminder to slow down. I’ve been doing that and as well, I’m trying to embrace silence even more. Great reading, Jan. 💗

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    1. Silence is lovely. Every morning just before sunrise I go outside and walk the dog. It is so quiet it feels as if the whole world is at peace.

      When I wake late at night or early in the morning I just lie abed and listen to the vast beauty of silence.

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    2. No, my dear Gwen, you are not alone. It seems we all have more on our plates than we can juggle, but we keep trying. I’m glad you have slowed down a little to embrace the silence. I’m still working on that. Thank you for stopping by!


  3. Oh boy, did I need this today. And it seems lately my life has been a mixed bag of all three. The past few months have been endless juggling, but I’m “trying” to become more organized by writing out a “to do” list and planning blog posts for both Story Empire and my personal blog for next year.

    However, things came to a halt today, as I slowed down and took a “mental health day” which was much needed.

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    1. That is such a good thing to do, Joan. And kudos to you for taking the time to reset and recharge. I hope your week ahead is manageable. To-do lists are very helpful. I should try that. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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  4. The reading made me smile 🙂 I am juggling a thousand things, it feels like, with more being added. I do work slowly but get there and so ready to take a pause and reset for the coming weeks. Now to mediate, thanks, Jan! Xo

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    1. Wonderful, Denise. I hope you enjoyed the meditation. I did. And glad the reading resonated with you. Taking a pause to reset seems to be the admonition of the week. Have a great day!


  5. Sometimes it is almost creepy how fitting the readings are… lol. The first card is a confirmation to me to keep up my structuring and scheduling because of the much work that is coming up in the following two months regarding the Christmas business (you know I am self-employed with a therapy practice, produce my own balms, soaps, and creams, and display and sell them at different places). The hanged man is another confirmation to me since I already have scheduled several “time-outs” in-between for not getting crazy and still enjoying what I am doing.


    1. I love it when the readings resonate, Erika. When I pull the cards, I just trust the Universe and the Angels to guide me and they always do. I couldn’t believe I missed the reversed Hanged Man. Craig Boyack pointed it out. I don’t know if I accidentally flipped it when I took the photo or if it really came out reversed. Either way, the message is strong! I’m so glad you have some scheduled time-outs. Way to go!

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    1. Hi John, I say do what you’re able when you’re able and worry not about the rest.

      I had hopes of publishing the second in a memoir trilogy this November, but life had different ideas. LOL.

      I was stressed about it at first but when I thought about it I realized there was nothing to be done so I just decided going with the flow is a whole lot less stressful.

      I still worry about things but I’m trying to stop doing that. LOL.

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      1. Yes, it’s harder said than done but when we make a real effort to get into that mindset it becomes more of a way of life.

        BTW? I signed up to follow your blog again. Somehow another I keep getting unsubbed.


    2. Whoo hoo!!! I am right there with you, John. Self-criticism does nothing, but hinder us! And letting go of all that baggage does most certainly make life easier! My hat is off to you and thank you for leaving a comment!

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      1. I think we can all use more organization and balance in our lives, Patty. I know for sure, I can. And that time of void is necessary for regeneration. Thank you for stopping by! I’m glad you enjoyed the post.


      2. Hi Jan, I jokingly wrote back to someone the other day when they wrote about Organization and said…

        “What is this word Organization you speak of? I would hear more of that.” LOL.

        Today has been fairly good so far.

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    1. Ha! I just noticed that Craig. I wonder if I accidentally flipped it or if it came that way. It certainly changes the reading a bit. It can indicate the need to slow down. Whether or not we heed that is up to us, but also warns of crashing and burning if we don’t. I will make an addendum to the reading. Thank you for your observation!!

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  6. I can SO relate to this one. I have really been juggling a lot lately, but I’m also enjoying the results of that labor. I really do need to put on the brakes and embrace the silence for a time.
    Happy Monday, Jan. Thanks for the post!

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