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This is the last week in October. It is a time when the veil between worlds thins. Let’s take advantage of that!

Instead of sharing a meditation today, I am sharing a ten-minute affirmation exercise. Affirmations are powerful and can cause a big shift in our mindset.

I was drawn back to the runes for today’s reading.

Photo by Jan Sikes 10-25-21

This is the second time I’ve gotten the Othala Rune in a reading. That tells me there is an important message. You may remember that Othala represents our heritage or our roots. This is in the past position and that tells me we are perhaps all leaning more toward tradition, looking back to our early and basic teachings. The caution is not to hang onto old ways of thinking that no longer serve us. We may be inclined to lean on family for support or perhaps to give support to another.

The second rune in the present position is Ansuz and is the rune of communication. It represents all forms of communication, but especially verbal. It may indicate that an important message or revelation is coming your way. This rune also refers to knowledge, wisdom, and reason.

In the future position, Dagaz, is the rune of daylight and is considered a very beneficial sign in any reading. Increase, growth, prosperity, strength, good health, and general well-being are indicated by this rune. It can represent new hope, light emerging from darkness. Or it could also indicate a breakthrough, insight, or inspiration, whether on an artistic creative level or in terms of spiritual enlightenment.

My takeaway:

Often in turbulent times, we find ourselves reaching backward to our original roots, or bonding more with family. There is no disputing that we are living in turbulent times. It is more important than ever before that we lean on each other and embrace our basic truths. With Ansuz, it is saying that we have the ability to express ourselves in this truth and that it may help bring about some light, a breakthrough, or inspiration, whether in ourselves or others.

This gorgeous Dragon Card reinforces that thought!

Have a great week ahead!

41 thoughts on “Monday #Motivation #Meditation #RuneReading #DragonCard

  1. My family (my sister, in particular) has been my rock during these times. We have held on to our tradition of camping twice a year even through the pandemic, which has been a blessing. I’ve been using my communication skills this week to push me as I get ready for planning an upcoming book tour. I’m going to take this reading to motivate me to keep reaching out to others to make sure it’s successful. Great post, Jan! 🙂


    1. For some reason, WordPress keeps putting your comments into my Spam folder, and I forget to check it. I found this comment there. Thank you for stopping by, Linnea, and I’ll do better at checking Spam!

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    1. Hi, Jacquie. I agree about the holiday season and family. I had the same thought. The Dragon Cards are a set 44 of Oracle cards. Each card has a different dragon and a different message. They are intended to be inspirational and provoke deeper thought. The deck I use is by Diana Cooper. Here they are if you want to take a look. They are absolutely gorgeous!

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    1. It is beautiful, Joan. I just love working with these cards. I agree with you that it’s more important now than ever to remember and embrace our roots, and as Jill and you said, simplify! Thank you for your comment!

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    1. I can SO relate to that, Jill. Christmas is coming and I am feeling the pressure of needing to buy gifts for the kiddos. But when I look at the plastic stuff they want, it makes me want to go back to basics and simplify. Thank you for your comment.

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  2. A beautiful card and rune reading, Jan. I think the holidays have a tendency to be hectic and stressful. My takeaway is to go back to the roots – celebrations of gratefulness and love and a new start – and carry those into the new year. Loved this one.

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  3. For the past months, something changed in a relationship with a close friend. I did not feel like communicating and actually might have blamed that person unconsciously for the taxing situation I found myself in due to that person’s non-action (of course, it was my action too that made me get there). That person was not very communicative either. However, we happened to talk about this, finally, on the weekend. And I got to know the other side. It brought clarity and was even more bonding. Today’s reading hits the nail on the head again, Jan.

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    1. Oh, how wonderful. I love it when we can work through difficulties and come out stronger. This is such a great example of the importance of honest communication. Thank you for sharing your story, Erika. I’m so glad you enjoyed today’s post!

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      1. Yes, totally! It shows it so clearly again how assumptions can destroy where a simple talk would clarify everything. And again, I am so amazed how it fit your reading.

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  4. I always feel a strong draw back to family around Thanksgiving and Christmas with so many memories of our mom and the huge family gatherings we always had so maybe that’s one reason for the first rune. I don’t ever want to forget those and how they fed my soul. The message rune gives me hope that I’ll get one soon from my agent. I’m waiting on an answer to my email so this is good. I really love the hope of the 3rd rune. I feel encouraged. And this dragon card is so beautiful. Thanks for doing all these readings, Jan. I know I’m not the only one who looks forward to them. Love you, Sister.

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    1. I agree, sister. This time of year does draw us back to family traditions and memories. So, from that perspective, the Othala rune fits. I hope the message rune brings you the much-awaited answer! I am so glad you enjoy these posts. I enjoy putting them together and trusting The Universe to give me the right message to pass on. Thank you for leaving a comment. Love you!


    1. I agree, Gwen. As the intensity of this last full moon fades, we are feeling more love and peace. I’m so glad you enjoyed the reading. Thank you so much for leaving a comment!


  5. Ooo… love is all around us, Jan! I’ve been feeling the shift for a few days. Thanks for sharing this message and the positive affirmation! Have a lovely week!

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