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The weeks are flying by! Am I the only one feeling that?

Today’s meditation takes us into a circle of stones, but not just any kind of stone, different gemstones, and crystals. I was drawn to the Shungite stone, which interestingly enough, I do not own. I took it as a sign. I will be purchasing a Shungite stone soon to add to my collection. Enjoy the meditation! I’d love to know which stone you are drawn to.

The reading for the week comes from the Runes. I found the message to be compelling and energizing!

Photo taken by Jan Sikes 11-8-21

The first rune, Gifu or Gebo, in the past position, represents a gift of some kind. The gift may be material or emotional but given in love. It can also represent some type of partnership. Often this rune will appear when there is about to be relief from your troubles (another form of a gift). It usually indicates a time of peace and contentment.

In the present position, Ingwaz represents a strong force available to you to complete any project. It signifies a project coming to an end and a new one beginning. It can also indicate that you are reaching your full potential in the moment. That doesn’t mean we stop learning or growing because that is a continual process, but it comes in ebbs and flows. Life is made up of beginnings and endings – cycles. This is a most positive rune.

The keyword to the rune in the last position, Jera, is harvest. Reaping rewards for efforts expended is the general meaning. In the result position, Jera usually shows a positive outcome to any dilemma at hand. This fits perfectly with the other two runes. As always, we have to do the work, but then we get to enjoy the rewards of our efforts. And we should.

My takeaway:

As the quote from Richard Bach says, if we are given a dream, we are also given what we need to bring it to fruition. I see a dream or idea as Gifu, the gift. And with the Ingwaz following the gift, the energy needed to bring that dream to life is there for the taking. Then, we get to reap the rewards of our efforts. So, go on and dream! Then be willing to do the work to make that dream come true!

The Dragon Card for this week is stunning!

35 thoughts on “Monday #Motivation #Meditation #RuneReading #DragonCard

  1. I love love love the quote in the beginning. I always say that we only have our dreams because we are meant to realize them. They are part of who we are, signposts for our journeys, and stepstones of our development.
    The reading is so encouraging and inspiring and you picked the quote perfectly to go along with it.

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      1. I am always looking forward to your Monday posts. Of course, all of your posts are inspiring in their own way. But your Monday posts are so special. I don’t know how to put it… lol

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      1. I immediately thought of a white stone I have and used it and a green one for the meditation. I’m terrible with the names of a lot of them, but felt so much power from the white one!

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  2. Great reading today, Jan! I published my newest novel, Hype, yesterday, so I’d say that was a dream that has finally come true. My blog tour starts soon, and I hope to reap the rewards of all the work I put into it through sales and reviews. Fingers crossed. 🙂

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    1. Wow, Yvette. I think the rune reading was just for you this week! Congratulations on publishing “Hype” and I look forward to hosting you here on the 18th! Thank you for stopping by! Hugs!

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