Mountain Laurel Christmas On Tour – Day 8! #ShortStory #Christmas #FamilyDrama #Music

Climb in the wagon with me. We’re off to another stop on this short tour!

After a weekend to rest, the horses are ready to go again! This time, we’re off to Oregon to visit with D. Wallace Peach!

Diana is best known for her prolific prose, depth of detail, and well-developed characters. She has earned a reputation as a storyteller extraordinaire, and is an Amazon best-selling fantasy author! She said, “I live my characters, love with them, cry for them, laugh at their humor.” That is evident in her work. If you’re not already following her blog, Myths of the Mirror, you’re missing out.

Her latest release is The Ferryman And The Sea Witch.


Where to start! This is a story that captured me from the beginning. It has all the elements I love – human flaws and emotions mixed with fantasy creatures. Callum, at the age of fourteen, was hired on the Brid Clarion King’s ship as a cabin boy. When their nets captured a merrow, daughter of Panmar, the sea witch, the sailors celebrated, taunted, and laughed at the captured merrow as she slowly died. All except Callum, who anguished at the merrow’s sorrow. As the sea roiled with the anger and revenge of the sea witch, he lunged forward and cut the net, releasing the merrow. But it was too late. She was already dead. What follows this event is the setting for the entire story. A bargain with the sea witch set Callum’s destiny in motion. In exchange for human sacrifices to the sea witch, Callum and his ship, the Windwraith, is the only vessel the sea witch allows to traverse over the merrow trench, and he becomes known as the Ferryman. He is the lifeline between two warring nations, Haf Killik and Brid Clarion. Haf Killik is ruled by queen Caspia and Brid Clarion, King Thayne. The only thing that will end the bargain with the sea witch and make it possible for other vessels to sail is the blood of royalty. This story has moments of heartbreaking anguish and sorrow coupled with jaw-dropping surprises. The author does a fantastic job of world-building. Her descriptive phrases bring the story to life. Through her words, I can clearly see the floating city of Haf Killik, rusting sea vessels joined together with ropes and chains. It is a compelling read and I devoured it, staying up way past my normal bedtime to finish. The ending is satisfying and left me feeling hopeful for the future of this fictional world. I highly recommend it!

She has an extensive catalog, which you can see HERE.

Grab a book from Diana, then head on over to her blog where we are talking about my newest release, Mountain Laurel Christmas!

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