Mountain Laurel Christmas On Tour – Day 9! #ShortStory #Christmas #FamilyDrama #Music

Climb in the wagon with me. We’re off to another stop on this short tour!

Today, I am so honored to be featured on Mae Clair‘s beautiful blog site!

I can’t exactly remember when I first became acquainted with Mae, but distinctly remember the first book I read of hers. The book was “A Thousand Yesteryears,” and is book one in the Point Pleasant series. Mae portrayed the mythical creature in this book, The Mothman, in such a way that I felt empathy for him. That book made me a fan of Mae’s and I have read almost everything she’s ever written. She is a master at writing mythology and legend into her stories along with a touch of romance. And when I read her Hode’s Hill Series with dual timelines, I was astounded. Her talent is unquestionably amazing.

Her latest release is Things Old and Forgotten. This book is made up of an eclectic group of short stories and is a great way to introduce yourself to this author if you haven’t already met her.


This book is a solid adventure, from one story to the next. While each is different and eclectic, one common thread is woven throughout, and that is Mae Clair’s distinctive writing voice. It is hard to pick favorites, but for me, a few stood out on a personal level.
Kin-Slayer was a mixture of family drama and a mythical creature. I was not prepared for the gut-wrenching ending. The author did a fabulous job of showing the emotions of a tortured soul.
Desert White was probably my favorite. Suicide is not always the answer, as Micah had imagined. The redemption in this story left me smiling. Here is an example of the descriptive prose from that short story: “But in the desert—with life ebbing from his veins, the bloated moon a silent observer overhead—he’d been seized by a violent desire to live.”
Miss Lily Makes a Wish had me chuckling. To watch this frail old lady command an entire army of genies was nothing short of brilliant writing!
I’d be remiss not to mention Father’s Day. That story tore at my heart and left me astounded. If you are looking for entertaining stories that take you off the beaten path, you are going to love this book from Mae Clair! I highly recommend it!

She has an extensive catalog, which you can see HERE.

I highly suggest you pick up one of Mae’s books, then head on over to her blog where we are talking about my newest release, Mountain Laurel Christmas!

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